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The art of Being Arvind Kejriwal


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BJP, some Congress leaders including Rahul Gandhi and even his own old friend from early days of Aam Aadmi Party are insinuating Arvind Kejriwal is a Khalistan supporter. Kumar Vishwas has claimed, Kejriwal told him that he will be the first Prime Minister of an independent nation.

Having followed Arvind Kejriwal right from IAC days, I don’t believe Kejriwal is a Khalistan supporter. I have strong reasons and let me explain it threadbare. This is a long post.

Kejriwal was a close confidante of Sonia Gandhi. Sonia had realized by 2011 that things were falling apart for Congress. Hence she infiltrated IAC with her people like Kejriwal, Bhushan, Sisodia and some more. The whole intention was to keep a tab on IAC. At certain stage during Anna Andoan, Kejriwal actually wanted Anna to die in his hunger strike. Reasons are best known, only to him.

Kejriwal claimed, he would never enter politics. Then he said there will be no alliance with either BJP or Congress. He also had claimed he would never hold a position. “Bachchon Ki Kasam” he broke every single promise he made and forgot the cases against Congress leaders, the 370 pages evidence against Sheila Dixit and Janlokpal bill.

But Kejriwal was Sonia’s “Maanasa Putra” became evident in February 2014 when he resigned as Delhi CM after 49 days and decided to contest against Narendra Modi. Imagine an Anti-corruption crusader who made an identity by fighting against UPA Government’s corruption contesting against the main Opposition party’s Prime Ministerial candidate. Funnier thing was, his AAP fielded no candidate against Sonia Gandhi in Rae Bareily. That was when I understood he was Sonia’s agent. Right during IAC, Kejriwal was gushing, “Only Sonia ji can bring a robust Janlokpal”. We just failed to notice it.

So essentially, Kejriwal was Sonia’s weapon to divide Anti-Congress votes in the wake of serious anti-incumbency. It worked like a dream in Delhi. That’s why it was expanded to national level, again purely under instructions of Sonia Gandhi. She expected all of India to vote like Delhi and give a fractured mandate where Congress could play “King-maker”. Alas, the experiment failed.

Out of job after the 2014 General elections, Kejriwal was restless. He got his second chance in 2015 when Delhi voted again. Delhi voted like Delhi. 7-0 to Modi in Loksabha elections and 67/70 for Kejriwal in Assembly elections. Kejriwal had grown out of Sonia’s shadows. Look at a list of people who were with him or helped him only to be dumped later.

Anna Hazare
Shazia Ilmi
Kapil Mishra
Mayank Gandhi
Shanti Bhushan
Prashant Bhushan
Yogendra Yadav
Kumar Vishwas
The list is huge…

Most importantly, Kejriwal also dumped Sonia Gandhi because he realized there was no way Sonia would favor him in a contest with Rahul for the top post. The Frankenstein created by Sonia Gandhi to cut Anti-Congress votes had grown into Bhasmasura for Congress. He has burned Congress in Delhi and hurt them in Punjab. Kejriwal is undermining Congress in Gujarat and he’ll do that in Goa.

Kejriwal has captured a huge chunk of media space that was once occupied by Sonia’s ecosystem. Even Arnab Goswami isn’t criticizing Kejriwal. That is how big he has grown. Kejriwal’s contacts with Khalistan supporters was well established even in 2017. None less than KPS Gill had talked about it. But Congress wasn’t concerned about it because they knew Punjab was in their kitty thanks to “Udta Punjab” campaign by media and Bollywood.

Rahul Gandhi has for the first time asked Kejriwal to come clean about his views on Khalistan. That’s “Pot asking the Kettle to come clean”. Congress has backed EVERY MOVE of Khalistani terrorists against Indian state ever since Modi took over. It has been especially so since the 2019 debacle. They have even provided legal support to those involved in 2021 Republic Day attack on Red Fort.

Captain Amarinder Singh walked out of Congress because Congress was cozying upto Khalistan supporters. Captain was an impediment to Congress agenda for Punjab. Hence he was removed and Channi, a staunch 10, Janpath loyalist was drafted. His Crossed identity too was helpful. Unfortunately for Congress, the Khalistani think tank has moved on. It’s just that they found Kejriwal a better bet than Congress to push their agenda.

Kejriwal doesn’t belong to anyone, not even his family. He swore on his children (Bachcon Ki Kasam) and did exactly opposite of what he said. Kejriwal is not a Khalistan supporter. He supports only himself. Everything and everyone else are irrelevant for him, be it Anna or Sonia or Khalistanis.

Kejriwal is taking help from Khalistanis only to further himself. He doesn’t care for them. In a strange way, it’s an incestuous relationship. Khalistan movement was created by Indira Gandhi to counter Jansangh – Akali Dal alliance. It became too big for her and she had to quell them. And they “dumped” her. Sonia Gandhi created Kejriwal to counter BJP. Today, he’s grown far too bigger for her own good. So both Khalistan and Kejriwal were born from same family. It can be called an alliance of “Saas – Bahu” creations. Hence incestuous relationship.

There are only two things we can expect from this K2A (Khalistan – Kejriwal Alliance).

  1. Kejriwal will dump them the moment they become inconvenient.
  2. Khalistanis will “dump” Kejriwal when he becomes inconvenient to them.


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