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Savitha Rao


15th June 2020 ,A salute to the 16 Bihar Regiment ,The #HerosOfGalwan

We are a free nation because brave men and women of our armed forces protect our borders even at the cost of their life. 15...

Beyond Editorials : Back writing with substance

Indian media routinely churns out gems that lead one to think that journalism is the one profession where no skill other than literacy is...

#IndiaPositiveCitizen action this week, Let’s pledge never litter on street

Swachh Bharat ? The lockdown has eased in many parts of India. For months and possibly years ahead we need to take care in terms...

What does being an #IndiaPositiveCitizen mean?

It’s about doing ONE #IndiaPositive action. ONCE a week. EVERY week. This isn’t about 100 people getting together. This is about what YOU can do....

This Independence Day inviting you to become an #IndiaPositiveCitizen

Every Independence Day we gather for flag hoisting, singing the anthem and returning back to our schedule 2020 is an unusual year. A good...

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