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Balbir Punj

Balbir Punj is a journalist & former Rajyasabha Member

Face the facts on communal violence in India

Hate and bigotry feed on each other. They germinate and flourish on a toxic diet of divisive and schismatic ideologies and polarising creeds that...

Pakistan – History Repeats

The ignominious exit of Imran Khan from power perfectly fits, the oft repeated cliché- `history repeats itself'. The recent nail biting drama in Pakistan...

The Kashmir Files: A tale of horror and gross injustice

The Kashmir Files has brought into focus one of the darkest chapters of recent Indian history, and, in the process, rattled those who were...

Misreading the past

Faizan Mustafa’s article, “Why Mohan Bhagwat is right about the Raj”, (IE, September 25) is a mix of half truths, convoluted logic and twisted...

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