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Abhas Verma

Abhas Verma is an IT professional in a MNC in Bangalore by profession and a writer by choice , he is the author of following books : 1.) Third Battle of Panipat ; 2.) Maratha Warriors of Panipat ; 3.) Historical Context of Shri Ram Janambhoomi . He is very popular on Quora and has has more than 1 million views. Here is a link to his blogs : https://thirdbattleofpanipatmaratha.blogspot.com/

Ayodhya in times of Mahabharata

In the Mahabharata, Ayodhya is mentioned as the capital of the Ikshvaku kings at many places. However, in the list of places of pilgrimage...

Kalyan Singh the Hindu leader & OBC champion of BJP

When elections were held in 1989 VP Singh's Janata Dal emerged as the single largest party and formed the government with the outside help...

The Taliban -Afghan Problem and its implications to Kashmir

Following civil disorder, Muhammad Zia-ul-Haq deposed Bhutto in a military coup and declared martial law on 5 July 1977. Assuming the presidency in 1978,...

‘Hindutva’ and Indian National Freedom Struggle

The term 'Hindutva' was first coined, used, and explained by the Bengali scholar Chandranath Basu in his essay 'Hindutva or the Authentic History of...

Hinduism in Afghanistan before Islamic Conques

The Kushan Empire spread from the Kabul River valley to defeat other Central Asian tribes that had previously conquered parts of the northern central...

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