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Are Radical Islamists adopting the ‘Britain Model’ to transform India into ‘Darul-ul-Islam’?


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Ram Navami is among the most auspicious festivals Hindus celebrate, but this year’s Ram Navami was mired with violent clashes in multiple states, in which many Hindus were injured and an old man was also killed in Gujarat.

Ram Navami was being celebrated in full swing all over the country, various processions were being taken out across the nation with great enthusiasm among the people. But as we know, we have a radical section of our society, that keeps nurturing the centuries-old enmity with the believers of other religions.

The processions of Ram Navami were brutally attacked, petrol bombs and swords were hurled and these radical jihadis have turned the festive atmosphere into mourning.

Picture Credit – ANI

Later, when the government took action against the accused, their well oiled ecosystem came to their rescue and portrayed them as weak and persecuted, these people are always ready to use their religious identity to play a victim card.

Picture Credit – The Milli Gazette

It is a long going religious struggle, where the radical Islamists reject the possibility of coexistence with the infidels and use every means to spread fear in the society. They have a single point agenda, to maintain the dominance of Muslims in India. For this, these people use slogans like ‘We ruled this nation for a thousand years’, so that they can make Hindus feel guilty, and establish as if their quam is superior.

It is actually a battle for supremacy, you can see how Muslims are increasing their population, and the areas whee they are in majority are also being promoted these days as ‘Muslim Localities‘. They try their best to wear clothes according to their religion, follow evil religious practices, use halal, make personal law boards, and implement Sharia.

In fact, these attacks on processions, clashes over Hindu festivals, the propaganda of suppression of Muslim rights in the name of hijab, and triple talaq, all of this has not come to happen all at once. These are small but strategic steps taken to convert India into a Darul-ul-Islam.

What is Radical Islamists ‘Britain Model’?

Britain is a Christian country for ages, it is the country that ruled the world over. But did you know, at the moment, there is a vicious campaign going on in Britain to make it an Islamic country?

This is not ‘fake news’, it’s a bitter truth, and it’s not us who are making these claims, but the United Kingdom’s 2011 census data, that shows Islam is now second-largest religion in Britain.

British Muslims have started making demand of Islamic rule or Sharia law in the country from time to time. If you look at the statistics, you will find that in the last few years, Muslims are being appointed to many administrative and government positions in the Britain.

Picture Credit – Daily Mail

Sharia Zones‘ are being created, where there is an undeclared ban on the movement of people of other religions, which are also called ‘No Go Zones‘. Muslims in Britain have created an organization called the ‘Islamic Sharia Council’, a kind of Islamic court that handles religious and personal issues of Muslims.

Over the past few years, British Muslims have started resorting to the Sharia Council to resolve their disputes. The same council decides to deal with marriage, divorce, and even common crimes. At present, there are more than 85 Sharia courts and Sharia councils in the UK.

Sharia law or the court has no legal validity, but Muslims approach them for any issues, in a way or other, they are giving more preference to Shariya and treating it above the land of the law.

The population of Muslims in Britain is still less than 5%, but in the last elections, 19 Muslims became MPs and were elected to the House of Commons. At the same time, the number of Muslim mayors across Britain is also increasing unexpectedly.

Picture Credit – Daily Mail

Halal meat has been made made mandatory for children in many British schools. There have been many cases where the families of the children suddenly came to know that their children were being given halal meat in the school, and there was a lot of controversy over this. In the name of the halal economy, not only food, but also clothes, banking, and FMCG goods are being taken, which benefits the hardcore Islamic organizations, because in this way these people are creating an alternative economy.

If you look at India, you will find that hardcore Islamic elements are using the same methods to establish Islamic supremacy. For some time now, you have seen how Muslims have taken an aggressive stand on issues like hijab, halal, mutah nikah, and triple talaq. The left liberals and the international ecosystem are also fully supporting them, and every issue is being shown in a way that is like how many atrocities are being committed against Muslims in India.

Picture Credit – The New Indian Express

However, all this is a small form of a proxy war. This is a nefarious narrative being made and Muslims are being called ‘victims’, while efforts are being made to give them a special status in the society. If you see, you will find that the governments are also cooperating with them in this effort, they are being given education, preparation of UPSC, undeclared system of installing loudspeakers in mosques, and different kinds of reservations or privileges have been given to these people to ensure they can enter the administrative system of India.

At this time in India, in the name of protecting the strategic Islamic evils, the common Muslims are being instigated. At the same time, leaders like Owaisi and pseudo-secular parties have also come out openly in favor of radical Islamic ideology, organizations like PFI and SDFI are also engaged in brainwashing of Muslims at the grassroots level.

There has been a shocking demographic shift in many areas, and Muslims are now in the majority in those areas, and as their numbers increase, they are raising issues such as the Islamic rule, Sharia law, and and Ghazwa-e-Hind.

They are adopting the strategy of ‘Britain Model’ to capture the plum positions, make this system work for them, so that they can transform India into Darul-ul-Islam in the next 40-50 years.

The question here is, are you ready to fight it?


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