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Malala plays ‘Victim Card’ at Oscars, produces a fictitious movie to peddle Radical Islamic Narrative

We live in a world where false narratives are made and peddled under the veal of human rights and activism. The Nobel laurate Malala...

Radical Islamists attack International Yoga Day in Maldives, ‘Fake’ Historian Audrey Truschke coins ‘Muslim Yogi’ to cover up this act

International Yoga Day is celebrated on 21st June, this is a shining example of India's growing soft power. Yoga Day is a celebration of...

Are Radical Islamists adopting the ‘Britain Model’ to transform India into ‘Darul-ul-Islam’?

Ram Navami is among the most auspicious festivals Hindus celebrate, but this year's Ram Navami was mired with violent clashes in multiple states, in...