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Malala plays ‘Victim Card’ at Oscars, produces a fictitious movie to peddle Radical Islamic Narrative


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We live in a world where false narratives are made and peddled under the veal of human rights and activism. The Nobel laurate Malala Yousafzai is one such make-believe human rights activist, who never shy away from speaking on expected lines and propagate a radical Islamic propaganda and narrative.

Even though she comes from a country which is known for its poor human rights track record and fomenting cross border terrorism against its immediate neighbors, she lectured India about human rights violation in Kashmir. She raises her voice against the abrogation of article 370, calling is an act of oppression, but she chooses to keep her eyes closed on atrocities committed against the minorities in Pakistan.

She is known for using her Nobel laurate image to spread the nefarious propaganda against the non-Muslim. Recently, she has made headlines when she attended the Oscar Award ceremony, where she appeared as an executive producer of “Stranger at the Gate,” a nominee for short documentary film.

Jimmy Kimmel asks Malala Yousafzai a viewer question: “As the youngest Nobel Prize winner in history, I was wondering, do you think Harry Styles spit on Chris Pine?” “I only talk about peace.”

Well, you may question that how on the earth attending an Oscar ceremony or making a film is wrong?

No, its not wrong to do either of the acts. What is wrong is how she is participating in a project that is putting a filthy and fake narrative to safeguard Islamist’s image and put the blame on the victims of Islamic terrorism. What is so shocking that she did it all while talking about ‘Peace‘.

Lets explore the story line of this movie, produced by Malala Yousafzai.

The movie “Stranger at the Gate” is a story of Richard “Mac” McKinney. An american chriastian who had a deep hate for Muslims and was planning to bomb The Islamic Center in his Muncie, Indiana, community. He decided to visit the mosque to gather intelligence about these people he so hated for so long. Then, eight weeks later, everything changed and he decides to not to bomb the Islamic center.

Malala terms this movie as a powerful message about the power of compassion and kindness and forgiveness. Whereas the Producer of movie Conall Jones hails it as a powerful story and its transformative. He added that,” People are not prepared. We try as much as we can to prep people but they’re changed after they see it.”

The movie talk about a hypothetical situation, where Richard is planning to bomb an Islamic center, and then Muslims show him love, compassion, kindness and forgiveness, which changes his mindset and even life. But how true is this?

Have you ever heard of any American who is planning to bomb a mosque or trying to harm the people based on their religious belief? We never heard any such news, at least till now. However, the contrary idea has been unleashed across the world, where Muslims are planning bomb blast, carrying out attacks on non-Muslims, and orchestrating all sort of hate crimes.

What Malala wants to achieve with this movie?

Well, this is quite clear from the storyline, that she is producing this movie to peddle a new lie. She wants to propagate that it is non-Muslims, who always plan to harm Muslims and carry out all sort of hate crimes against them. She wants to whitewash the image of Muslims, and want to portray them as a ‘victim’, who are showing love and compassion to the person, who is willing to bomb their religious body.

Don’t you think this narrative is contrary to the reality?

This is not the first attempt of Malala to defend Radical Islam

Malala Yousafzai is hailed as a ‘brave warrior’ and the ‘torch bearer’ of women rights and education. She has given the opportunity to meet Queen Elizabeth II, Barack Obama, etc. She also spoke at Oxford Union, Harvard University, the Girl Summit in London, and during certain events in the US, Canada as well.

In October 2013, she met then US President Barack Obama and surprised everyone by suggesting Obama to rethink on drone attacks that the US uses to kill terrorists in Taliban-controlled areas of Pakistan. She stressed on the point that educating terrorists can solve the terrorism issue. And this is where her tryst with hypocrisy started.

How idiotic can one be? In spite of being a victim of Taliban’s attack, she does not want the US to target Taliban militants in Pakistan? Perhaps, she is not aware that most of the Islamic terrorist group leaders are highly educated. She must read news reports in order to understand that such groups are run by educated fellows.

Now with this film, she is willing to do the same. We hope, people will understand her motives and take corrective stand to thwart her intentions to propagate such lies. She is living in a western society, and instead of thinking them, she is painting those people as extremists. Isn’t that unfair?


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