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An important lesson that Hindus of West Bengal must learn from history of Bangladesh.


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The Bangla Bhasa which fought and defeated the abrahmic language imposition on itself is now slowly getting defeated by the same . The Bangladesh which fought and won the battle against East pakistan and liberated herself as a nation for Bengalis is back again in the grip of abrahmic culture . Even the language Bangla has been pierced with so many arabic impurities. The blood of so many martyrs both from Bharat and Bangladesh who fought for the Bangla bhasa and for the liberation of the Bangladesh appears to go down the drains .

What was the point of having an independent Bangladesh if the native Bengalis were gradually made to flee their own nation,property and houses leaving behind the dead bodies of their own relatives, raped and killed women of their families?

The Pakistanis were forced to leave the soil of Bangladesh but the torch bearers of the concept of An Islamic World remained there and istead of fighting a direct battle with the Bengali culture they opted for a gurriela war against the same. It was because of them and their influence only that Krishna loving Cow loving torch bearers of Hare Krishna movement slowly started slaughtering cows and eating beef . The attire too changed from Dhuti Panjabi to lungi and the Khichudi got defeated by Biryani . The language was not untouched by this jol (water) got replaced with paani , sahosh (courage) got replaced by himmot, maa by ammi , baba by abba and thousads of other impurities cripped in.Mass conversions started taking place and today the native Bengali culture is almost gone from there or leaving at the mercy of Jihadi extremism . A lot of credit also goes to present PM Sheikh Hasina ji for keeping the Native Hindu Bengalis alive but I am scared she might be the last such leader with the amount of Islamic extremism griwing in her state , she may loose soon .

A similar trend can also be observed in the Bengali speaking community of West Bengal the arabic influence on their food habits , attire and language is evident now.
The Bengali which used to swear by Jhatka Meat and used to relish upon it only after offering it to Maa Kali have forgotten the difference between halal and jhatka , you can barely see any Bengali wearing dhuti at their place , definitely occasions are exceptions. Khichudri has been defeated badly by Biriyani . Gopal and Krishno who used to be in every household has stopped talking about the safety of the cows. Rather make fun of it. Rural West Bengal is slowly getting converted and we all are sitting on ticking bombs. Crude Bombs and desi kattas are often used to scare the bhodroloks . A similar trend like Bangladesh is knocking our doors and What are we going to do ? This will be decided by the results of the upcoming elections. Whom are we going to choose ? A party which has supported the Islamic terrorism and appeased the crude bomb factories , a party which wants Rohingyas in India and change the demography against the native Bengalis or we are going to choose the party which will bring CAA followed by NRC which will make sure the Hare Krishna chanting Bengalis remains safe and undisturbed, the party which will bring development for all and appeasement of none? This is yet to be seen . The future of West Bengal relies heavily on the native Bengalis . The nation is waiting to see what they do with this opportunity. Will they rise like Netaji, Chaitanya Mahaprabhu , Swami Vivekanand, Ram Krishna Paramhans or would choose to perish like Bangladesh?


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