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The third wave has hit India and our cautious preparedness can help us sail through it effectively , says Dr Praveen Kumar


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As India officially entered 3rd wave,a few pointers
India is safer this time having vaccinated 65% of the population with 2 doses.
Hospitalisations will not be that high compared to Delta wave.
The problem will be for those unvaccinated,elderly and immunocompromised

What are the treatment options available in India?

Treatment is not required for the young vaccinated
Please feel free to reject the cocktail prescriptions the doctors still writing.

With the 3rd wave in India active,
the following drugs prescribed by doctors have no proven effectiveness

Convalescent plasma,
Vit C & D, Zinc,
Interferon alpha-2b,

For those unvaccinated,elderly and immunocompromised,

Monoclonal antibodies available in India doesn’t work,don’t go for it.
Molnupiravir only indicated for the unvaccinated and those at high risk.

Last wave,doctors gave Favipiravir indiscriminately.I suspect same might repeat this time with Molnupiravir.

Molnupiravir is not safe in pregnancy and those planning to get pregnant and indiscriminate use will result in more mutations.

Remdesivir should be reserved for the highest risk patients.

Steroids got abused last time,not indicated in stable vaccinated individuals.Even among those hospitalised,not requiring Oxygen not needed.

Indiscriminate usage last time lead to many diabetic ketoacidosis and possibly one factor that increased Mucormycosis menace.

More than the patients,doctors need more education how not to indiscriminately prescribe drugs and cause more mutations.

Remember,Delta variant originated in india and before that doctors used plasma therapy and all those cocktails at their whims and fancies.

With judicious approach,India can manage the third wave without major catastrophe as happened during the last wave.


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