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Was it a Khalistani Conspiracy to eliminate PM Modi? Well, this video says so

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In an unprecedented controversy just before the assembly elections in Punjab, PM Modi was stopped on his way by the protesting farmers who blocked the national highway during his road trip from Bathinda to Hussainiwala. The Government described it as a “security breach” and sought a detailed report from the Congress-led Punjab Government.

As expected, this incident created a lot of noise and people have started sharing their concerns as this could have turned into a massive mishap. PM Modi, who was on his first visit to Punjab after revoking the farm laws, and this incident raises many questions as this security breach happened just about 10 kilometers away from the Pakistan border.

The Prime Minister’s cavalcade got stuck in a road blockade in Piareana village near Hussainiwala for 15-20 minutes on the flyover, while hundreds of protestors were present there blocking the road. This can not be a coincidence at all. Why?

We have seen a video from Khalistani Terrorist Pannu yesterday, where he was celebrating the fact that so call farmers have forced Modi to go back. It is also learned that the Khalistani group offered USD 1,00,000 to anyone who can disrupt the rally of PM Modi.

However, this video shows what was planned by them, and what could have happened.

You can watch the complete video here – Link

Now compare this video with the events that happened in Punjab, where PM Modi’s cavalcade was stopped on a flyover. Don’t you think there is a connection in both?

There is no doubt that Khalistani Terrorists, ISI, and our opposition parties are working in tandem to do harm to our PM and destabilize our country. For a moment, think what could have happened if anything went wrong on that flyover?

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