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Why Modi Government is not allowing the Pfizer vaccine in India?? A shocking story of Global Pharma Arm-Twisting TACTICS


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India is witnessing the brutal second wave of the COVID pandemic and devastation is quite visible, as thousands have died and millions are in hospitals, recovering from the nasty infection. Amid all this mess, the biggest question is about the availability of the vaccine for India’s massive population.

Though India is relying on local vaccine manufacturers such as Serum Institute and Bharat Biotech for the supply of vaccines, a section of political rivals and media is pitching in heavily for international vaccines, especially Pfizer. Several Politicians are openly vouching for Pfizer and forcing government to allow this vaccine and bypassing all the controls and measures.

However, the Modi government is not relenting and not giving a blanket approval to Pfizer, and there are few reasons for that, and we are sure you will be shocked to the core after reading about these reasons.

Not many people are aware that Latin American countries have already accused Pfizer of ‘high-level bullying’ during Covid-19 vaccine negotiations. The Government officials from Argentina and several other Latin American countries, which has signed a confidentiality agreement with Pfizer and so cannot be named, told that Pfizer demanded additional indemnity against civil lawsuits citizens might file in relation to Pfizer’s Covid-19 vaccine.

As per the Government officials of these countries, Pfizer has asked these nations to put up their sovereign assets, including their federal bank reserves and military bases, as collateral for potential future legal costs.

Inhumane and Evil Vaccine Deals of Pfizer

Pfizer which often projects its humane face in front of the world is indeed indulged in grossly inhumane vaccine deals. It threatens the governments to buy its vaccines, interferes with the local legislation, demands Military bases and federal reserves as a collateral guarantee. Pfizer has already signed the COVID vaccine deals with most latin American countries Chile, Costa rica, Mexico, Columbia, peru, Ecuador, panama & Uruguay except Argentina & Brazil.

Pfizer came to Argentina in June 2020 for a vaccine deal, and they asked to be compensated for any future law suits. That means if anyone files a lawsuit against Pfizer for any adverse effects of the vaccine and wins, Pfizer will not pay any sort of compensation but Govt of Argentina has to pay. But the Argentinian govt rejected this proposal and asked it to bear the cost of negligence, which was bluntly refused by Pfizer, it instead asked Argentina to get international insurance for the vaccine and its harmful effects.

Pfizer again approached the Argentinian government in December 2020 with a new proposal. It was now seeking sovereign collateral security, which was Argentina’s Bank reserves, Military Bases, and Embassy Building as Guarantee. Everything for the sake of this vaccine, isn’t that too much?

This is Argentina’s story, and now you will be shocked to know about its acts in Brazil. Pfizer adamantly demanded Brazil to create a guarantee fund & wanted it to deposit money in a foreign bank. It doesn’t stop there, it actually put in 4 additional demands which shocked the Brazilian Government.

These demands were
a) Brazil waves the sovereignty of assets abroad to Pfizer.
b) Rule of the land not be applied on Pfizer
c) Brazil shouldn’t complaint or penalize Pfizer for delay in delivery of vaccines.
d) In case of side effects, Pfizer be exempted from all civil liability.

Brazil was experiencing a massive COVID wave at that time, and as per source it agreed to most of the demands and succumbed to the international pressure of Pharma Cartel.

Pfizer is now delaying vaccine delivery to many countries. Germany has invested $ 445 M & US invested $2 B, but Pfizer aims to make $15 Billion this year only. So, God knows what assets those countries which signed deals with Pfizer had to pledge. It’s no joke when a vaccine-making company demands your military basis, bank reserves as collateral security. Its as good as surrendering without a war.

Pfizer’s arm-twisting tactics with the Indian Government

Most of the people are not aware, but it was Pfizer that applied for Indian Government approval for emergency use authorization, but it is yet to get approval. Pfizer has put some strict conditions in front of the Indian government. It was ready to produce its coronavirus vaccine locally if assured of faster regulatory clearance and freedom on pricing and exports.

Pfizer also declined to perform local testing and even performing the bridge trials in India, which is a mandatory requirement for any vaccine to get emergency administration approval. Russia’s Sputnik-V also complied with all the conditions of Indian Government and then only it got the approval.

So, now pls tell is it in India’s interest to sign a deal with Pfizer?

Every day lobbyists abusing PM Modi for not getting Pfizer should know that Modi has saved India from being permanent slaves to the Western Mafia. If Pfizer’s vaccine is so good, then why it is so much worried about Side effects and Lawsuits? Is the vaccine really safe?

PM Modi did not have to struggle, lend money and help SII & BharatBiotech if the situation was not serious. It seems China along with several other countries and the global pharma cartel are very much part of building this Virus, through which they planned a big game to weaken every country and take over their economy.


  1. Please put factual & Actual achievement of PM Modi’s hard & consolidated efforts to put country on Global position ,unlike,Barkha,Moitra,congress& leftist lobbyist whose agenda is to defame Modi & India ,these all are being paid by China,Pak and many antinational elements.

  2. I would include global pharma cartel who wants to control India. It is paying heavily to media, leftists and lobbyists. Biden is a crocodile working to undermine India. His interests are with those working against India . The Americans want Global control on India using Pfizer vaccines.


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