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Lawyer Dwivendra Dubey writes to the President and PM to initiate a STRICT action against Tripura’s Snotty DM Sailesh Kumar Yadav


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On Monday an incident happened in Tripura which attracted the attention of the entire nation. A District Magistrate named Sailesh Kumar Yadav had stopped a wedding ceremony when it was halfway through.

He was seen in video footage tearing the document of the permission taken from him for holding the ceremony. He was also seen forcing the invitees and others who were at the venue to leave and ordering policemen who were with him to drive them out of the venue.

Ironically, the District Magistrate Shailesh Kumar Yadav himself had given the permission for a marriage to that family and on the date of marriage, he entered the marriage hall like some terrorist are hiding inside the marriage hall and he used all his abusive languages on the people and police personnel standing over there.

Picture Credit – Dwivendra Dubey
Picture Credit – Dwivendra Dubey

The video went viral on social media and many prominent leaders of the ruling BJP, including MLA of the area Asish Saha and another lawmaker of the party Sushanta Chowdhury wrote to Manoj Kumar Chief Secretary on Tuesday demanding the removal of the DM.

BJP MP from West Tripura district and the senior-most party leader, Pratima Bhowmik said she will herself visit the bride’s home and speak to her and her family members.

Here a young lawyer Dwivendra Dubey, wrote a letter to the President,  Prime Minister, Home Minister, NHRC & Tripura Chief Minister against the District Magistrate Shailendra Kumar Yadav for his boorish act on common people.

Picture Credit – Dwivendra Dubey

He urged to prosecute & arrest him under various sections of IPC and recover all the damages caused by him at marriage hall. He also pointed out how the Hon’ble SC of India held that the Right to Self Reputation and the Right to live with dignity is an important fundamental right of an Individual. And it’s the duty of the state to ensure that these rights are not to be taken away by anyone in power.

He requested the stakeholders to take the following actions against the DM.

a) for hurting the religious sentiments of people, slapping a Hindu Priest, beat the groom, used abusive words entered into women room without knocking, manhandling the people, and blatant
misuse of power by him.
b) To arrest him and terminate him from his service on an immediate basis.
c) To recover the damages caused by DM Shailesh Yadav at the marriage hall.

Dwivendra has annexed all the relevant documents, DM’s permission, letters of Tripura CM, BJP leaders, and other vital documents, which are capable enough to initiate strict action against the DM Yadav.

Though the DM has been suspended, we request the Government and the president may take further action against this DM so that no one will ever dare to do such an insensitive step in the future.


  1. What a blatant misrepresentation of facts and circumstances in this ‘report’! In the video, the DM could be clearly heard saying ‘Permission is for wedding, BUT NOT AFTER 10 PM’. He was absolutely right, and the local politicians and YOU are now twisting and misreporting the incident. Shame on you.

    • Aalok, shame on you for supporting someone who is assaulting guests including pandit ji and disrespecting everyone. Throwing pieces of paper over the old woman. Shameful behavior. Such person is not fit to be part of society and should be in jail under attempt to murder, misuse of official position etc.


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