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Why Islamo-leftism is a dangerous ideology?


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Europe along with France, that had opened the doors for Islamic refugee immigrants, woke up to the grave threat posed by Islamist terror that finds an able ally in intellectuals who have always been shielding it using the “Islamophobia” red herring.

The French President Emmanuel Macron as well as Education Minister Jean Michel Blanquer had called a spade a spade when they called out the intellectual complicity with terrorism. They clearly blamed Islamo-leftism which they said has been wreaking havoc.

Islamo-leftism is an ideology where the so-called intellectuals co-opt with Islam that is mainly based on bloodshed and calls for brutal killing of those who do not follow the “one god” and “one book”. It is only natural that the leftists, who are masters at whitewashing the sins of bloodied and gory ideologies and are themselves guilty of mass murder and genocide, would side with Islamists.  

We in India, however, are quite familiar with the nexus between leftist intellectuals and Islamic terrorism as we have been victims of this unholy nexus for several decades now. Recall any terror incident and the leftist intellectuals will be the first to defend it in a manner that would put even the worst apologists to shame. It is this brushing under the carpet that has encouraged fanatical Imams, Mullahs, Maulvis and Islamist terrorists to get away with almost anything under the sun.

It is this group of so-called intellectuals masquerading as activists that stands as a frontline soldier for Islamist extremists. The unfortunate thing is they have had a vice like grip on education in general and history in particular that has allowed them to paint a rosy picture by diluting facts.

Right from Akbar and Aurangzeb to Ajmal Kasab, this group has either totally falsified facts and glorified Islamists or presented a completely watered-down version and even tried to shift the blame where distortion wasn’t possible as we have seen in the case of Kasab. It is this intellectual bankruptcy and dishonesty that has turned Tipu Sultan who massacred and forcefully converted lakhs of Hindus if not more, into a “nationalist” fighting against the British Raj.

We don’t even need to turn the pages of history to learn how Islamo-fascists whitewash Islamic crimes because we have seen it happen right in front of our eyes early this year when the anti-CAA protests were used as a veil to fuel anti-Hindu riots in Delhi. Till such time that it became completely indefensible the entire leftist brigade ably helped by their journalist cabal tried to project the Delhi police as oppressors while defending the likes of Tahir Hussain and Umar Khalid.

Right to dissent is another favorite excuse used by Islamo-fascists to cover up for terrorist and anti-national acts. The “Bharat tere tukde honge Inshallah” and “Jinnah-wali azadi” brigade was given ample cover fire by left activists using the right to dissent and stoked violence more often than not. This is how Arundhati Roy had been passing off Kashmiri terrorists as victims instead of aggressors and defaming the Indian Army.

Islamo-fascists are not hard to spot because other than a deep love for Islamic terrorism they have a few other easily recognizable traits. The have a deep-seated hatred for nationalism, indigenous culture and religion (Hinduism in case of India) is an eyesore for them, and most important they have an utter disregard for freedom of speech and expression of everyone other than themselves, especially those who are in the opposite ideological spectrum.


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