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Why every Indian should BOYCOTT ‘Lal Singh Chaddha’ starring Amir and Kareena?


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On Sunday, the trailer for the most awaited movie, Laal Singh Chaddha, was released. It features Aamir Khan in the leading role, whereas the Kareena Kapoor is playing his love interest. Whereas, Mona Singh is playing the role of his mother. Amir Khan’s movies are known for creating ripples, but this time it’s a different ball game altogether.

People were taken aback with the trailer as from all the available evidence, it appears that Amir Khan has blatantly copied the Hollywood masterpeice ‘Forrest Gump’, and beware he has not taken any inspiration, he has copied every scene from the original movie. Instead of an inspiration, it is more like a parody of the Hollywood classic.

Forrest Gump was released 28 years ago on July 6th, 1994. The story revolved around a dim-wit person and how he successfully traversed through life. The movie was based on conservative values in which the main protagonist, Forrest Gump played by legendary actor Tom Hanks was a God-fearing family man, with conservative family background and a war hero who didn’t paid heed to counterculture prevailing back then in America which resembles today’s ‘Cancel Culture’.

Viewers and reviewers have come down heavily on Laal Singh Chaddha’s trailer and have found numerous faults with Aamir Khan’s acting, claiming that his expression and acting is more or less like his previous roles in PK or Dhoom 3. There are scores of individuals who have already written off the film, all based on a two-and-a-half-minute-long trailer.

Aamir Khan, an alleged Mr. Perfectionist is hoasting the same facial expression to play his roles in previous moview, and that becomes a recipie of disaster once you couple it with his terrible Punjabi accent. Even one of the best ever “box of chocolates” quotes from the original Forrest Gump is ruined by making it about eating ‘golgappe’, which sounds so weird to say the least.

Adding to the insult, a large section of viewers have started rallying against the movie, and they have started demanding a boycott of the film. In fact, the people have made #BoycottLaalSinghChaddha hashtag trending on the social media.

Why people are Boycotting Laal Singh Chaddha?

Well, the primary reason is offcourse the copied content and the kind of treatment accorded to the story. Other than that the behaviour of the leading actors is the other factor that is behind this aggressive boycott call of this movie.

People are denouncing this movie to show their anger against Aamir Khan, who made unnecessary comments in the past regarding rising intolerance within the country and certain religious practices during his time as the host for TV show Satyameva Jayate.

Aamir khan has been heavily criticised for mocking Bhagwan Shiva in movie PK. He also known for calling PM Modi responsible for Gujrat riots, when he deliberately tried to fan the anti-Modi feelings and pass on the guilty judgement on him for the 2002 Gujarat Communal riots.

He attained disrepute for lending his support for the Narmada Bachao Andolan. It was Aamir Khan who declared that his wife feels unsafe in India, while he was the one who didnt shy away from meeting Turkish leader Erdogan and his wife while they were supporting Pakistan against India.

Laal Singh Chaddha is also being boycotted due to atrocious statement of leading lady Kareena Kapoor, who made a comment in a past interview. If you remember, once she said that “audience has made us stars, aap jaa rahe ho na film dekhne, toh mat jaao, nobody has forced you”.

Why every Indian must boycott this movie?

Well, we have numerous reasons why this moview must be boycotted by every Indian. Aamir Khan is known for fanning his propaganda in the name of movies, on one hand he glorified terrorism via his movie Fanna while he made an absolute mockery of Hindu Religion and Culture in the infamous movie PK.

The director of movie, Advait Chandan is known for glorifying the life behind Hijab in his movie Secret Superstar. The writer of the movie is Atul Kulkarni, and if you look at his social media handles, you will get an idea what kind of anti-hindu and pro left-liberal agenda he spreads in the name of artistic liberty and freedom of expression.

The movie again portray a sardar in a stereotype role of a dim-witted protagonist. There is no prize in guessing why he didn’t pick his own religion as this would have invited the wrath of Islamists and his head might have been on a spike in no time. So, don’t be surprised if the dim-witted simpleton in the Aamir Khan starrer movie subtly criticises or lectures the Hindu community or the current ruling government.


  1. Bullshit.. Just watch a movie for a movie sake yaar. Apne prejudice se bahar nikal kar film ko judge kro.. Na ki unke actors k political ideas or religious beliefs ko.. Dusre k comments pe dhyan de rhe par khud kya comments krte ho dusron k liye uske bare me kabhi socha hai.. Nonsense..


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