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Why Ankita was killed by Shahrukh?


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In Jharkhand, Shahrukh approached Ankita about dating and eventually being married so he could convert her to Islam. Ankita firmly objected and rejected outright. Then he killed her by burning her. Let us understand the underlying principles that led this incident…

It is because Muslims believe that Islam is the only authentic religion. Increasing the number of non-Muslims who accept Islam is the greatest act of good a Muslim can perform. One method to do that is through marriage. It is regarded as a violation of the Prophetic Rule to decline such an offer. Therefore, the crime. It is usually the responsibility of Muslim males to find young Hindu girls for marriage due to a difference in social life of both communities over the past two decades. While even Muslim girls are permitted to marry non-Muslim boys as long as the guy converts to Islam before marriage.

Hindu society was exposed to secular poison, which caused people to regard themselves as individuals rather than as members of a collective. Hindu generations raised on secularism continued to teach their children that Muslims and Hindus are the same. Hindus began to view even sexual interaction between Hindu girls and Muslim guys as natural once sexual freedom became legal. Most of the time, it was tragically beyond of their control and out of their minds. Even the parents had lost interest.

Due to the existence of a state inside a state where Muslims could consistently reject Hindus’ vogue for individualism through the Waqf board, the Ummah, and other mechanisms, Muslim culture was growing more conservative throughout this time. As a result, Hindus began to consider themselves as little more than individuals, and rarely as Hindus, while Muslims began to see themselves less as individuals and more as a unit of Islam. The cultural shift is leading Hindus to live in the trench.

There were soon hardly no Hindus left.

Muslims were increasing in number while also growing increasingly fundamentalist. Hindus were becoming less in number, while the scattered Hindu population was growing. A turning point occurred around the turn of the century. Young boys of the Religion of Peace have become very interested in sexually grooming Hindu girls in preparation for their eventual conversion. They would, at most, be able to convert during the game. They will at least have some sexual gratification.

Hindus were being embarrassed for thinking about ‘protecting’ their’sisters’ because that was ‘patronising’ in a terrible ‘patriarchal way,’ according to modern culture, which was pressing them to do more than just ignore what was happening to their daughters and sisters. Any boy labelled as “illiterate,” “boorish,” or “ganvaar” enough to see safeguarding Hindu ladies as wicked was said to be a Bajrangi. Over time, even boys were urged to be more “progressive” and to refrain from assuming that they should “defend” their “strong” sisters.

Muslim women were pushed to wear burqas by both their community and “modern” NGOs and advertising firms. The burqa evolved into a fashion statement when Arab money poured into the advertising industry’s coffers. Retrograde became popular. Muslim ladies donned burqas in large numbers.

Muslim women became more traditional, avoiding all men of the Hindu faith. Hindu women sought out more interactions with Muslim males as they became more “liberated.”

Muslim men became more self-assured about having their wives covered up and dating Hindu women. In the spirit of “down with Brahmanical patriarchy,” Hindu men were ridiculed and vilified for even considering safeguarding Hindu women.

In Ajmer, rules for the sex-grooming of Hindu women were published. Also in a lot of other areas. At that point, a small segment of Hindu society awoke. India was partially awakened by “Love Jihad” after some noises were made. There is a pattern in the Love Jihad cases, similar to Nikita Tomar and Ankita Singh. It is seen preferable to put an end to the life of the Hindu girl when she is conscious and rejects the advances of Muslim men. If the Religion of Peace is unable to have one plus, then let’s give Hindu dharma one less.

Ankita Singh was killed by burning because of this. Hindu society must take the initiative to address the issue till our state comes to the realization that it is harmful for the perpetrator’s entire family to commit such an act.


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