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State failed to protect Ankita even after complaint to police before she was burnt alive by Shah Rukh

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In the early hours of Tuesday, August 23, Ankita was subjected to a horrifying attack in Jharkhand’s Dumka. Ankita had complained to the authorities about her neighbour, Shahrukh, harassing her every day while she was in a severe condition. In the past, he would approach her and ask to be friends. Additionally, he had her phone number and had called her frequently, pleading for friendship. He made a death threat against Ankita when she reprimanded him for continuing.

On Monday, Ankita told her father about it. She hurried up to family members who were attempting to put out the fire when she awoke the following morning to see her body engulfed in flames. Then, her relatives quickly drove her to the hospital. Ankita had sustained significant burns, which were discovered at the hospital.

Ankita identified Shahrukh as the perpetrator of the terrible act while she was in the hospital. The police detained Shahrukh the same day after interviewing Ankita and the members of her family. She was initially taken to Phoolo Jhano Medical College Hospital in Dumka, but due to her poor condition, she was later transferred to RIMS in Ranchi.

Family members of Ankita hoped for her survival. She was unable to recuperate, however, and passed away early on Sunday morning from serious burns. Her hands, legs, and face were severely burned, as seen in photos.


Despite having such harsh punishment rule in the nation, the girl wasn’t safe. The entire role is of police who didn’t do anything despite having complaint against a habitual offender. Shah rukh had already been charged under 307 before Ankita’s episode. Yet, the offender was not under the surveillance and left to plague another with his vile intention.

The cost of unconsciousness has been paid by many Hindu women so far and yet there is no action has been taken to prevent such attack. It’s the duty of the state to protect every citizen’s life, limb and dignity in exchange of fidelity. It appears that there isn’t the obligation on the state.

How many times do we have to witness this ongoing trend of sacrificing the life for another’s prophecy?

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