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Madras High Court orders “Hindus need Islamic Jamaat’s approval to set up Ganesh pandals”; Why do Hindus need someone’s permission to follow their Religion?

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India is historically a Hindu-majority nation, constitutionally a secular country, but the way the administration and judiciary are functioning here, it seems as if our country has now become an Islamic Caliphate, where Sharia law has been implemented. You may have a little prick of our words, but unfortunately, that’s the truth.

This sounds so unfortunate that Hindus have to plead before the administration and judiciary to celebrate their festivals. Anyone makes indecent comments on our gods, our girls are been cunningly trapped in the clutches of love jihad. Governments have taken over the right of Hindu temples, while the tax paid by Hindus is misused on others in the name of minority appeasement. What do Hindus get in the end? Nothing.

In a recent such case, the Madras High Court directed the Coimbatore police to allow the installation of a Ganesh idol in the Housing Board Colony only after the consent of the locals (Islami Jamaat). The petitioner, Mahalakshmi, had prayed that Pulkadu Residential Colony in Ukkadam (South) wanted to celebrate the Vinayaka Chaturthi festival, which falls on August 31, and also want to install an idol of God Ganesh. On her plea, Justice N Satish Kumar directed the police.

What this plea is all about?

The petitioner told the court that the residents of his housing colony wanted to celebrate Vinayaka Chaturthi in their area. It was also informed that people from other communities living there are also keen to participate in the event. Apart from this, they have also agreed to give Annadhanam (food distribution) to the devotees.

The additional public prosecutor, appearing for the police, told the court that there was a large number of Muslim communities around the residential colony. In such a situation, celebrating the Ganesh festival here and installing his statue can also disturb law and order. To this, the petitioner’s counsel said that people of the local Muslim Jamaat are also willing to participate in the ceremony, and they have no objection.

After hearing the statements of both sides, the court pronounced its verdict and said that the petitioner will have to submit an affidavit before the concerned police station along with the affidavit of the Islamic Jamaat Committee for installing the idol of Shri Ganesh and holding Ganesh Chaturthi festival in his area on August 31.

The organizers will have to make it clear that the guidelines laid down under the Go of the Public (Law and Order) Department on August 9, 2018, will be strictly followed, and there will be no law and order problems in the area.

The judge said the police would be able to ensure proper security only if such an affidavit is given by the petitioner. He said that the petitioner will be allowed to install the idol of Ganesha inside his residential colony and celebrate the ceremony. Apart from this, they will not be allowed to take out any kind of procession with the idol.

Is being a Hindu a sin? Has India now become a ‘Sharia country’?

It is very unfortunate that Hindus are found to experience second-class citizen treatment by the administration and judiciary in their own country. In India, every community is allowed to follow their religion and cultural practices and celebrate their festivals. But Hindus are the only ones who are sometimes banned for fear of deteriorating law and order, sometimes on the pretext of inciting religious sentiments.

While religious processions and Tajia are provided adequate protection from the administration, religious rituals of Hindus are pelted with stones, vandalized, and insulted by radical Islamic elements.

We do not understand why Hindus need to take the consent of an Islamic jamaat to celebrate their festival. If Hindus are celebrating their festivals, how does it affect Muslims? And what has happened to the judiciary, they give orders as if we live in an Islamic country. Such restrictions are not imposed on Hindus even in any Islamic country, as it is in India. Has being a Hindu become a curse in this country?

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