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When would Hindus rise as a community to protect their daughters and sons from Jihadis, the way French rose for their fundamental rights?


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Within less than 12 hours, two Hindu families lost their young son and young daughter for sticking to their faith, Hinduism. 

21-year-old Nikita Tomar was killed in broad day light around 3.30 pm for refusing to convert to Islam, allegedly by Tauseef and Rehan in Ballabhgarh, Haryana on Monday (26 October). Innocent Nikita Tomar, who was a bright student of B. Com final year with promising future, was not allowed to live as Hindu in Bharat. 

Nikita had filed a complaint few months ago against Tauseef, who was harassing and tormenting her to change her religion in order to marry him. However, a compromise had been reached. But, on Monday, when Nikita Tomar came out of her college after appearing for her exam, Tauseef tried to abduct her. When Nikita resisted, Tauseef brutally killed her. 

Anurag Kumar Poddar, who was killed by police firing, with his mother , Photo credit: Anurag’s Facebook

On the other hand, 18-year-old Anurag Kumar Poddar was shot dead by none other than police for celebrating Hindu festival, while 22 others got injured during Durga Puja immersion procession in Munger, Bihar on Monday night. It is said a violent clash took place between police and devotees of Maa Durga. However, a viral video shows how Munger policemen were brutally attacking devotees. Police—who can not dare to remove loud speakers on mosque in India even after apex court ordered to do so—did not hesitate to brutally attack Hindu devotees. Brutal attack by police on devotees of Maa Durga in Munger reminded two frail Sadhus and their driver, who were offered by police to blood thirsty mob to lynch them in Palghar on 16 April 2020.

Anger swept across France and lacs of French attended rallies across the country in honour of Samuel Paty, the 47-year old history teacher, who was beheaded by 18-year-old Abdoulakh outside his school on 16 October.The killer was born in Moscow and was of Chechen origin. But, France had granted him 10-year residency in France. 

France has stood strong in its resolve to eradicate radical Islamic threat on its soil, even after boycott call from some Islamic countries. Would Hindu community in India ever raise their voice collectively  against the persecution by Muslims on their soil?

On 8 October, 18-year-old Rahul Rajput, a BA second year student, who also used to give English tuition to students, was beaten to death by his Muslim girl friend’s brothers Mohammad Raj and cousins, Shahanwaz and Kaif, her neighbor and distant relative Tajuddin, Shahanwaj Hussain in Adarsh Nagar, Delhi. List of Hindu boys and girls butchered by minority Abrahamic religion is endless. 

What has changed since India’s independence when India gave its 1/3 land to establish Islam in 1947? Persecution by Muslim still continues unabashedly on Hindus in India. Hindu daughters continue to be slaughtered for refusing to convert to Islam, while Hindu sons are killed by Muslims for having friendship with Muslims. 

Bollywood wouldn’t hold placard for Nikita Tomar and Anurag Kumar Poddar. Left leaning media would not outrage over such cold blooded murders. Human right activists would go into hibernation. It is unwise to expect liberal eco system—who make advertisement of Tanishq to promote Love Jihad—to raise voice for Hindu daughters and sons who are butchered by Muslims. 

It is Hindus who have to fight their own battle. Home is the first instituton, where a child must be taught dark reality of secularism—Under Islamic Law, a Muslim man is not allowed to marry a woman, who is polytheist unless she converts to Islam. And it is strictly prohibited for Muslim women to marry non-Muslim men in Islam: sources Wikipedia—by their parents. 

Hindus must build close knit community. 

Hindus don’t react as a community unlike Muslims and Christians, who raise their voice as community, that is why they are able to build eco system, even if they are in minority. It is unity among Hindus as community and their association with local authority which can form support system to protect Hindu daughters and sons. This is how Hindu community in India would rise to protect their next generations the way France rose to protect themselves from Islamists. 

Instead of blaming Narendra Modi and Amit Shah, Hindu community must question local unit of RSS and VHP about their roles. Local corporator, MLAs and MPs must be asked what role they are paying to protect Hindu daughters and Hindu sons from being killed by Islamists. 

The day Hindus would build community and react as community against atrocities committed against them, the day Hindu community would build association with local authority, no matter which party rules in center, Hindus would be heard by government. No Jihadi would dare to harm Hindu daughters and sons. 


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