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Digvijay Singh again caught spreading fake news against RSS And BJP


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Congress Leader Digvijay Singh has a unique distinction of a Political leader who has been caught multiple times for sharing fake news, producing fake evidences in court. He has been booked and wrapped by courts, but he never shy away from showing his abilities to twist the words and share concocted ‘fake’ stories every now and then.

He again came up with another fake story, where he was sharing a fake WhatsApp message of a so called RSS Swayam Sevak, who is allegedly sharing his plight and accusing RSS and BJP leadership for all his ordeals.

Here is the tweet.

However, as expected, it took few moments to get Digvijay Singh’s fake story tumbled. Twitterati’s hammered him for sharing this orchestrated story. Please read the story here.

It seems Digvijay Singh thinks that Indians are fools and they are still living in 60s or 70’s when they were easily fooled by fake Gandhi family. He forgot that every WhatsApp message shows delivery status, by adding colored ticks. People mocked Digvijay Singh and asked him to prove his claims, which he wont be doing for obvious reasons.

We have a single point of advice for Digvijay Singh. Please take rest and spend your quality time with your family, this fakery doesn’t suit you anymore, we have Rahul Gandhi for our entertainment, please spare us. This fake news doesn’t excite people anymore. People know about the coordination between BJP and RSS, such stupid Whatsapp messages cant break their camaraderie.


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