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Ukraine The White Wild West: Russia-Ukraine War


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Vladimir Putin the president of Russia has kept the entire world- especially the white Wild West guessing what his intentions were. Though this time CIA was right that there would be an invasion- they were still not sure about the scale of the onslaught and the timing. Till date, almost a week after the first round was fired the world is still clueless about Putin’s doctrine. 

 Russia launched a large-scale invasion of Ukraine on Feb. 24 2022. And it’s still on.

Russians are playing a game of chess with the entire EU and NATO on the other side of the chess board don’t know which pawn to move! They are sure they don’t have any Knight in their gang- literally. ‘Knight in shining armor’ Nah. No wonder a lady from Ukraine confronted the British Prime minister in a jam packed hall and asked him ‘Why are you not helping us? You are scared and afraid’. Boris Johnson was shell shocked but said ‘we have done all that we could. Now you are on your own!’ Bravo. Don’t forget Russians are great at this game.

Brief Recap

Balkanization of USSR in December 1991 ended the cold war between the Eastern Block and the West and Russia emerged as the Big daddy of the East with a military might of its own and the largest nuclear stock pile. Of course several Independent states emerged on the periphery- Ukraine being one which shares a border with present day Russia. The border has a length of 2,295.04 kilometers of which 1,974.04 kilometers is land border and 321 kilometers is sea border.

 In February 1990 negotiations between U.S. Secretary of State James Baker and General Secretary of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union Mikhail Gorbachev to limit NATO’s enlargement to Germany.

Yet in 1999, PolandHungary, and the Czech Republic joined NATO, amid much debate within the organization and Russian opposition.

Another expansion came with the accession of seven Central and Eastern European countries, BulgariaEstoniaLatviaLithuaniaRomaniaSlovakia, and Slovenia.

There are three aspiring countries including Ukraine who want to join NATO. Russian President Vladimir Putin vehemently opposed NATO expansion to East as it would pose a direct threat to Russia.  He had declared at a NATO-Russia summit in 2008 that if Ukraine joined NATO his country could contend to annex the Ukrainian East. A fair warning. On 30 November 2021, Russian President Putin stated that an expansion of NATO’s presence in Ukraine, especially the deployment of any long-range missiles capable of striking Russian cities or missile defense systems similar to those in Romania and Poland, would be a “red line” issue for Russia. Good enough.

Cuban crisis 1962 -a startling similarity – brief visit 

In response to the presence of American  ballistic missiles in Italy and Turkey,  and failed Bay of Pigs Invasion financed by the Americans against Fidel Castro  the  Soviet First Secretary Nikita Khrushchev agreed to Cuba’s request to place nuclear missiles on the island to deter a future invasion on Cuba. These missiles were just 140 Kilometers from Florida! This rattled the then US president John F. Kennedy and America and USSR almost got into a nuclear war. After several days of tense negotiations, an agreement was reached between Kennedy and Khrushchev. Publicly, the Soviets would dismantle their offensive weapons in Cuba and return them to the Soviet Union.

Ukraine crisis 2022

Is no lesser threat to Russia as once NATO expands further East it can deploy missiles near the Ukraine- Russian border to target major cities in Russia. So what is the difference between Cuban missile crisis and Ukraine NATO crisis? Nil. As compared to 1962 the capabilities of US as part of NATO today to deliver a nuclear warhead on Russian cities from Ukraine are much better. Therefore Putin is rightly worried.

Russians paid a heavy price during World War II when Stalin trusted Hitler basis a non-aggression treaty signed between two nations. On 22 June 1941, the Soviet Union and Nazi Germany were bound together in the Molotov-Ribbentrop pact (named after each country’s respective foreign ministers). Both sides were very careful to refer to the new political relationship as only a pact of non-aggression.

Soviet Intelligence constantly kept Joseph Stalin informed about an impending attack from Germans but he ignored and even dismissed these threats. He still lived in First World War mindset that German army not the German chancellor would call the shots.

Stalin supposed that the Wehrmacht generals – not Hitler himself – wanted war with the Soviet Union. He on this erroneous assumption, issued strict orders to avoid doing anything that could be perceived as a Soviet provocation.

KGB Mindset works

Putin trusts no one, (remember he is a former spy and not Stalin) – at least not the whites sitting in the west. He remembers history and has probably or surely read the quote by George Santayana ‘those who do not learn history are doomed to repeat it.’

Now the white Wild West with more than thirty countries and thirty ‘heads of all sizes and shapes’ of heads of states are pitted against one man Putin. Some, now in desperation are calling him insane, Hitler (Hitler was a German no? Germany now speaking for NATO), Dictator and what not. He has put his nuclear capability on high alert and white west is not happy. He has been a KGB agent for sixteen long years- ‘James Bond ka Baap’. Boy, you have stripped him off his judo Black Belt title- But he is still holding you by your nuts and is ready to crack them- ‘Ouch Mr. president’

No one wants war, but whose war is this? And for whom? Who instigated the simple Ukrainians? Any doubts the Instigator in Chief – POTUS. But now PORUS (President of Russia is giving jitters to POTUS) He is fumbling in his speeches and tumbling on the steps and wobbling on the ground. 

America can do no wrong! That’s what Americans think.

Arundhati Roy an author in one of the videos doing the rounds (Even if she is her look alike it does not matter as the talk is compelling.) says ‘United States can do whatever the hell it wants and that is official’

She goes on to state what most know that ‘290 civilian passengers were killed on third of July 1988 when an American missile cruiser ship in Persian Gulf accidently shot down an Iranian Airliner’ George bush the senior was the US president and when he was asked to respond he said ‘I will not apologize for America, I don’t care what the facts are!’ Wow!

They went after Saddam Hussain telling the world that he had Weapons of Mass Destruction and was a threat to the safety of the world. That too without a shred of evidence. They bombed the county into Smithereens and found nothing- nothing at all. ‘Oh sorry, it was an intelligence failure they say’. Look at the audacity of their rope. They still hanged him saying he was directly responsible for 9/11 attack where around 4000 Americans died. Americans are the judge, jury and the lawyer. And how many you killed in Iraq?  Can you even count? Why should you? You wanted to save the world from nuclear bombs and you don’t care how many you butcher erroneously!

PORUS rightly says that American troops are present in almost every important location that matters but Russia has not done that. They were sitting pretty happy with their Eastern bloc friends. Why do Americans poke their nose in everyone’s affairs? American blood is important and other’s blood is not blood? It is like saying ‘Tera Kutta, Kutta, Mera KUtta Tommy’. 

Washington DC is 7901 kilometers from Kiev as a crow flies (No crow flies this distance, not even the bald Eagle on the presidential seal of the POTUS). Then what’s your problem? Why are you egging Volodymyr Zelenskyy the Ukrainian 44 year young president to fight mighty Russia? At 80 you are double his age and you should have more sense and maturity. You are demonstrating senile degeneration!

Opinion expressed by Greg Ganske in desmoinesregister.com : Joe Biden isn’t the person I knew in Congress. He should get cognitive testing, with the result made publicThis is worrying if not alarming for our planet’s safety.

Wars can’t be won with moral alone and it is sad to watch innocent civilians with unfounded bravado facing up to Russian tanks with bare hands or with Molotov cocktails!

It is sad how the white man’s bluff has played out. They first egg up a president of a nation who is new to the job not withstanding his earlier profession as a stage performer or a standup comedian and goad him to foment his people to fight with anything they can find.

He also played in the hands of the clever scheming whites of the white house (have they recently got it painted?). They said ‘go on, we are standing shoulder to shoulder with you. Buck up.’ Biden says ‘No boots on ground- then send soldiers in bath room slippers bro’. 

He is watching this sitting 7000 Kilometers away on his TV screen like I am from India. 

It is a video game for him. He is betting on a cock fight from outside! Ukrainian towns are totally devastated, buildings, schools, homes, churches, hospitals ripped apart. You have made it into a ghost nation! 

Small kids scared like hell are crying, maternity hospital now shifted to dark dingy basements- rockets exploding outside. Is this white man’s definition of peace and new world order? My foot. Is this the cactus carrot you are giving for NATO membership? Shame on you. If Putin is mad according to you then you are insane.

Come on have a heart white man. Sorry he has no heart- He is still looking through his half shut scheming eyes for a pound of flesh from the Ukrainian blood. And I bet he will. He will rebuild his country out of love but not without Dollars. He will rearm him with better weapons- but no free lunches bro. Americans charge upfront. They are transparent in their dealings.

The Charge of the Light Brigade, a Brave and Foolish Tale: a grim reminder

October 25, 1854 — The Charge of the Light Brigade is infamous as an act of bravery in the face of all insurmountable odds. On the 25th October 1854 members of the British light cavalry led a charge by mistake into the heart of the Russian Imperial army. 110 soldiers died in the charge, 161 were injured and 475 horses killed. The British Poet Laureate Alfred Tennyson would go on to immortalize the event in his poem “The Charge of the Light Brigade”.

According to Norman Dixon, 19th-century accounts of the charge tended to focus on the bravery and glory of the cavalrymen, much more than the military blunders involved, with the perverse effect that it “did much to strengthen those very forms of tradition which put such an incapacitating stranglehold on military endeavor for the next eighty or so years.”

An anecdote suggests that when some American Generals were shown a dramatized version of the charge of the light brigade on screen he exclaimed ‘How chivalrous but how stupid!’

Must you do it again? I Ask. Haven’t Ukrainians read this ever? 

British are no less, they are equally responsible in putting a simple, innocent looking comedian on a Bucking Bronco horse like in Rodeo. No wonder some call OBE not Order of The British Empire but renamed it as ‘Other Bugger’s Effort’!

Germans too tried during the Second World War when during operation Barbarossa, Hitler told his battered troops to fight till the end and they suffered close to 775,000 casualties. Germans used rolls of Toilette paper to cover their bodies by wrapping them all over.

These are leadership low points. Americans drink a lot of coffee, now they need to smell it too!

NATO is collectively responsible for this game of Russian roulette with Putin who has loaded the gun with one bullet in the chamber graciously handing it to Uncle Joe who has put it on the temple of Volodymyr Zelenskyy saying keep pressing the trigger young man, don’t worry I am standing behind you firmly.

Don’t underestimate the western men in black

They have put a guy on a bucking horse with a loaded revolver pointing on his temple and done little more than putting ‘crippling sanctions on Russia’. Against the aggressor.

It doesn’t affect life style of Biden or Putin or Macron or Boris. They are still having Bacon on their plates for breakfast! It is the poor Ukrainian who is literally biting the dust and is hungry, thirsty and sick. 

But they are holier than thou.

They have a self-proclaimed axiom as under:-

If a country sends Soldiers and Tanks into another country without an invitation, what is that called?

It’s Different for different nations.

If Russia does that, it is INVASION

If USA does that, it is LIBERATION

If BRITAIN does that, it is CIVILIZATION

If China does that, it is AGGRESSION

No wonder they have not put Oil sanctions on Russia because that will freeze Europe to death.

Brits still think it’s Great Britain and Americans still feel they are the fastest on the draw like ‘Billy the Kid’ on this side of Suez canal.

Operation Ganga- India caught in enfilade fire

Around 20,000 Indians were in Ukraine and around 18,000 of them students. To get your own citizens back from a war zone is a daunting task. Prime Minister Narendra Modi took this up very seriously and spoke to the presidents of both Russia and Ukraine for their help without which it would not be possible.

PM dispatched special envoys to assist coordination efforts. The special envoys were high level Union Ministers– ministers of civil aviation, transport, law, and petroleum and natural gas. Jyotiraditya Scindia would assist coordination from Romania and Moldova, Kiren Rijiju from Slovakia, Hardeep Singh Puri from Hungary and General V. K. Singh from Poland. By 28 February the Prime Minister had chaired at least three high level meetings related to the operation with the external affairs minister and secretary and the national security advisor.  No other country has done this. Sending union ministers to coordinate with bordering nations is very important for quick evacuation. And it is working. Yes nothing can be perfect especially in a war torn nation where they themselves are struggling for their own survival.

  On 2 March India, through its National Disaster Response Force (NDRF) stocks, sent a batch of humanitarian relief in form of medical aid, tents, blankets, sleeping mats and solar lamps.

 Indian flag came to the rescue of not only Indians stranded in Ukraine but also helped Pakistani and Turkish students flee the war-torn country. 

Indian Union Minister G Kishan Reddy had earlier advised Indian students stranded in crisis-stricken Ukraine to place the national flag on their vehicles for safe evacuation.

The Indian students who arrived in the city of Bucharest in Romania from Ukraine said that the Indian flag helped them as well as some Pakistani and Turkish students in safely crossing the various check points. As they say ‘Behti Ganga main hum bhi haath dho lein’ Jai ho.

This is Naya Bharat and I am a proud Indian.

In contrast the United States of America,  the chief instigator, which had issued multiple advisories before the invasion to its citizens in Ukraine to leave the country, has flat out refused to evacuate them now. In an advisory issued on February 25, the US Embassy in Ukraine had said that “the U.S. government will not be able to evacuate U.S. citizens from Ukraine”.

There was no mention of any travel arrangements made by the British Government for its citizens like the Indian Government has done.

Like the USA and UK, most other countries including Germany and France have asked their citizens to leave Ukraine, but have not made arrangements to evacuate them. The citizens are expected to make arrangements themselves to cross the border and then travel onward. This one is for NATO.

Europe should worry- nuclear threat

There are reports that there are fifteen nuclear reactors in Ukraine to generate electricity and even if one is hit by a bomb accidently it can be a disaster for entire Europe.

 In addition Russian President Vladimir Putin, who warned that countries who interfere with his invasion of Ukraine will face “consequences you have never seen,” recently ordered his military to put its nuclear forces in a “special regime of combat duty.”

Russian nuclear deterrent forces is on high alert. One human error or judgement can spell doom for the west. It will not be MAD (Mutual Assured Destruction) but it will MAD of West – MADOW!

Just a quick comparison between what Russia has and what was used in Hiroshima Nagasaki nuclear bombing by America in August 1945. The world still shudders with that.

Tsar Bomba, “King of Bombs”, also called Big Ivan, Soviet thermonuclear bomb that was detonated in a test in the Arctic Ocean on October 30, 1961. The biggest nuclear weapon ever set off, it produced the most powerful human-made explosion ever recorded. 

At the time the Cold War between the U.S.S.R. and the United States had grown increasingly tense. Meant to be a show of Soviet strength, this bomb was unparalleled in power. It had a 100-megaton capacity, though the resulting fallout from such a blast was considered too dangerous for a test situation. Thus, it was modified to yield 50 megatons, which was estimated to be about 3,800 times the strength of the U.S. bomb dropped on Hiroshima during World War II.

50 Megatons = 50000 kilotons

Nagasaki was of 25 kilotons Hiroshima 15 Kilotons 

A common man must know what the world is up against.

This is just one bomb and Russia has almost 6000 of nuclear bombs, all of them smaller yet killers in a big way. U.S and Russia can destroy the planet several times over!

NATO and EU in its own interest must retract and save the continent from disaster instead of digging its heels. In certain situations it is better to back off – I think it is time they did that. No harm in blinking first. If you don’t blink now, heavens may fall on you.

Worst is yet to come?

Worst is yet to come, says France’s Macron after phone call with Putin

 In an indication that his talks with Vladimir Putin were far from reassuring, French President Emmanuel Macron believes the “worst is yet to come” in the ongoing conflict between Russia and Ukraine.

Vladimir Putin plays golf. Not sure of his handicap but in Ukraine war he is still playing with 9 iron. He had played with Obama- he has yet to take out his driver from the bag- and watch out Mr Biden he has a big one!

Mankind invented the atomic bomb,

But no mouse would ever construct a mousetrap.’

                                                                              Albert Einstein

Virender Kapoor
Virender Kapoor
Virender is an Indian who wears many hats. An educationist of repute, Masters in Computer Science from IIT Bombay, he also holds an MA in International relations. He was the Director of a prestigious management Institute under the Symbiosis umbrella. He has emerged as a leading think tank in human behavior, motivation and success. As a celebrity author, his name appears with the likes of Thomas Friedman and Dale Carnegie. His books are now available in eight regional and foreign languages like Hindi, Marathi, Gujarati ,Telegu , Malayalam , Tamil, Punjabi and Vietnamese He has authored more than 36 books as of now which are on Amazon worldwide and several of his books are in the pipeline.


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