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Petition filed to stall the release of ‘The Kashmir Files’, labeling it as Propaganda against Muslims

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The genocide of Kashmiri Hindus has been a painful and controversial issue for the last 3 decades. It is known as a blatant violation of human rights under the garb of Islamic aggression, and that is the reason why our so-called pseudo Seculars and Liberals always try to brush it aside to keep the secular fabric of our nation intact.

Actually, the Kashmiri Hindu genocide is so horrific and chilling, that it can certainly destroy the image of this pseudo-secularism, and that’s the reason why these people try their best to keep the details under the wrap, and if someone tries to unearth the facts, they try to demean them.

The acclaimed Bollywood director Vivek Agnihotri has made The Kashmir Files movie, which is set to be released on 11th March. The moment he announced this movie, it gave massive heartburn to the so-called Secular-Liberal gang. Several Media groups and websites have already called it a ‘propaganda movie’, and have started canceling it.

Now a PIL has been filed in the Bombay Hgh Court against the movie by Intezar Hussain Sayed, who claimed that the ‘trailer hurts religious feelings of Muslim Community’ and that the ‘inflammatory scenes are bound to cause communal violence. He demands a complete stalling of the film’s release alleging that the film contains ‘racial and discriminatory remarks’ and aims to portray only a ‘one-sided view’ of the Kashmiri Pandit genocide from the valley.

Sayed submitted that the movie trailer is showing a graffiti ‘Musalmano Jago Kafiro Bhago’, that sets the tone of the film with the potency of causing a communal imbalance between Hindu & Muslim Community,” He is afraid that the release of the film may trigger violence and immeasurable destruction in all active parts of India.

Calling the film a work of ‘propaganda’ against Muslims, Sayed also sought to remove the trailer from Youtube and other social media platforms and requested to stay the release of the film connecting it with reasonable restrictions to Article 19(2) of the Constitution.

On the other hand, Vivek Agnihotri slammed the critics of the movie and said that “This film has challenged the notions of those establishments who continued to rule for many years. They’ll point figures because they have been exposed. When battles with fatwas can be fought, then 10-15 legal cases is a no big deal,”

The trailer of ‘The Kashmir Files’ has been received every well and already grossed more than 9.5 million views in 10 days on Youtube alone. The movie is set to release on March 11, 2022, and we urge our readers to watch this movie in the theatre and witness the apathy of Kashmir Hindus.

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