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Told the Hindu family to ‘convert to Islam and get married, otherwise they will accuse you of rape.’


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In a distressing turn of events in Ghaziabad district of Uttar Pradesh, a Hindu family has come forward with alarming allegations of religious coercion and intimidation by their Muslim neighbors. The victim, a woman from the Hindu household, has lodged a complaint detailing a harrowing ordeal of pressure to convert her son to Islam and marry a girl from the neighboring Muslim family.

According to the victim, the situation escalated dramatically as the Muslim family relentlessly attempted to coerce the woman’s son into embracing Islam and marrying their daughter. Shockingly, these attempts were accompanied by egregious acts of violence and threats.

The victim narrates a deeply disturbing incident where her son was accosted on the road, subjected to physical assault, and threatened with dire consequences if he refused to convert to Islam and agree to the proposed marriage. The intimidation didn’t stop there. The Muslim family allegedly resorted to menacing tactics, including threats to falsely accuse the young man of rape if he did not comply with their demands.

In the complaint, the victim has told that Salim, his son Sufiyan and wife Naija live in her neighbourhood. Every day all of them catch hold of the victim’s son Aman and beat him. During this time, pressure is put on Aman to convert to Islam. Aman is asked to marry their daughter.

Inside the victim’s household, the situation deteriorated further as confrontations ensued between the families, adding to the distress and fear faced by the affected family. It’s reported that the Hindu family has been subjected to continuous pressure, leaving them feeling unsafe and vulnerable within their own home.

This distressing incident not only highlights the gravity of religious coercion but also emphasizes the urgent need to safeguard individual freedom of choice and uphold the sanctity of personal beliefs. Respect for religious autonomy and the freedom to choose one’s faith and life partner are fundamental rights that must be protected and upheld in a diverse and pluralistic society.

OpIndia spoke to the real Babita in this matter. He told us that Italy’s family says that their daughter and Aman had been talking for a long time. In this matter, a Panchayat of local people was also held on 18 November 2023 in which both the families were given permission to have a relationship at a place of their choice.

Such acts of intimidation and coercion based on religious differences not only violate the law but also contravene the principles of mutual respect and tolerance that form the bedrock of a harmonious society. It is imperative that law enforcement agencies swiftly investigate this matter and take appropriate action to ensure justice for the aggrieved family.


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