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These People don’t want PM Modi to come to the Power in 2024, at any COST


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India is all set to ready for the General Elections of 2024. When it comes to the ruling party BJP, they have decided to fight this battle under the astute leadership of PM Modi, who is expected to become the PM for the consecutive third term, the feat achieved by only Jawahar Lal Nehru and Indira Gandhi.

There are many qualities that Prime Minister Narendra Modi embodies, supreme confidence being one of them. Another is the astonishing ability to seize the moment and make it his own. As he stood atop the ramparts of the Red Fort to deliver the Independence Day address for the 10th consecutive time this August 15, he presented to the nation an impressive report card of what he and his government have achieved since 2014, encapsulated in a catchy slogan—”Reform, Perform and Transform”—that he is also likely to use in his campaign for the 2024 Lok Sabha election.

He then went on to persuasively outline why the next five years were critical in India’s march towards a Vikasit Bharat or developed country by 2047, when it celebrates 100 years of Independence.

However, he had been vehemently opposed by certain elements and section of society, who don’t want him to return as a PM of India, at any cost.

Here we have listed some of these elements:

  1. Oil Lobby (OPEC) – Modi is ruining their business & buying oil where India benefits. Plus trying to promote alternative fuel to get India rid of Oil Burden forever
  2. Arms Lobby – Modi’s Make in India is giving them nightmares. India who’s major arms buyers in the world may not be buying anything 20 years down the line from them if continued at this speed
  3. OIC – Organisation of Islamic Nations are majorly unhappy with establishment of Nationalist Govt anywhere in the world coz their agenda is to promote instability apart from their own countries
  4. Arhtiyas (Farmers Broker Lobby) – Modi wants to make small farmers powerful which will disrupt the business of brokerage for Arhtiyas Community. So they want Modi to go
  5. Radical Islamist Population – This group prefers Religion over Nation. They don’t want Modi to remain in Power for obvious reason as Modi puts India First & doesn’t believe in Appeasement
  6. Dynast Regional Political Parties – Most dangerous group who run their regional political parties as Private Limited companies. These family driven political parties exploit sentiments of local population based on Languages, Caste, Religion & Reservations. Local population is fooled for decades & In return they fill their own bank accounts. They are ruining the nation & never want Modi to remain in power as their black money income is drying up faster than ever
  7. China & Pakistan – These two enemy nations are praying to god every day to remove Modi as they have never seen this strong India which is under Modi
  8. Selfish/Freebies Seekers – This population comes from all castes/creed/religion and votes on as it is basis. Sometimes sell their votes for Rs 100 free electricity. This population is ruining the future of their own kids & can’t see the long term vision at all.

At the same time, we have crores of Indians, who believe in the leadership and capabilities of PM Modi, and who have high hopes from him and they will definitely choose him for the third term as well.

The General Elections of 2024 will be remembered as a ferocious fight between the Modi Supporters and Haters, and we are pretty much sure that the best Man will win this war.


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