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Arif poses as Veer to trap a Hindu girl in a ‘love affair’


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The recent case in Haryana involving the deceitful pretense of love leading to a heinous crime against a young Hindu woman has once again brought to the forefront the critical issues of coercion, religious conversion, and the safety of women in our society.

The victim, whose identity remains protected, fell prey to a well-planned conspiracy by Arif, who masqueraded as “Veer” to ensnare her in what she believed to be a genuine relationship. This deceitful facade resulted in a horrifying turn of events when she was subjected to a brutal gang-rape perpetrated by Arif and his male relatives. To compound the trauma, she was forcibly converted to Islam against her will.

According to the report by Aaj Tak, the accused introduced himself as Veer before he trapped the girl in a love affair. He then fed the girl with drugs after which he deceptively shot some derogatory videos of her. He then used these videos to blackmail the girl for his sexual needs.

This incident stands as a grim reminder of the pervasive dangers faced by women in our communities. It exposes the vulnerability of individuals who are manipulated and exploited under the guise of affection and love. Such deplorable acts not only violate the sanctity of trust but also corrode the fundamental principles of humanity and respect for individual autonomy.

What makes this situation even more alarming is the use of religious conversion as a tool for coercion and dominance. The forceful imposition of religious beliefs and practices on an individual goes against the principles of religious freedom and personal choice, constituting a grave violation of basic human rights.

The issue extends beyond this particular incident. It echoes a larger concern about the safety of women and the need for stringent measures to prevent such atrocities. The justice system must ensure swift and stringent punishment for the perpetrators involved. Additionally, there’s an urgent need for comprehensive societal awareness programs and education that instills respect for individual choices and emphasizes the importance of consent in relationships.


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