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Then Sweden criticized the abrogation of Article 370 and Section 35A and Now Sweden is itself burning… Which side should Indians take?


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Did you know that the tax rate in Sweden could go up to 57% of personal income, out of which 27% of the taxes paid goes towards healthcare and education and a whopping 42% goes towards Social Security. This means that the Government funds for a majority of education, healthcare and unemployment benefits from the taxes collected from the people of Sweden. The unwritten rule of this Nation is that everyone who is employable must work and earn a living.

Now imagine if you suddenly had a section of people who are not as educated as the majority of the citizens or who have traditionally been used to receiving doles from the Government and who are filled with the ‘victimization’ complex. Chances are that initially everyone will feel sorry for them and will lend a helping hand.

But after years of helping, if this section chooses to live off the majority, then what would happen? And if using the facade of Leftism, they start breaking laws and commit violent crimes, then how would the majority react? To give you an idea, in 2018 the unemployment rate was just 3.8% among the original citizens of Sweden while it was 15% among the foreign-born Swedish population.

From 2010, Sweden has been at the forefront for receiving Muslim immigrants/refugees from Syria, Iran and other Muslim Nations. Now, like other European Nations which received Muslim refugees with open arms, they are facing a rise in violent crimes and increased State sponsored welfare expenses. Also, the demographic changes are now more visible in various areas and a change in the lifestyle is imminent.

For example, reading the Namaz on the roads and blocking traffic for the same is now shared by many Europeans on the Social Media at regular intervals. Statistics showing increase in rapes and mushrooming of ‘grooming’ gangs is also an increasing threat to the quiet lifestyle of these European nations.

This has led to some open backlash by so-called Racist elements who now want to protect their ‘turf’ or Nation from being run down by the Islamists. One such incident was the incident of 28th August 2020 when a copy of the Quran was burned in Malmo, Sweden, by members of the far-right Danish party Stram Kurs (Hard Line).

In retaliation, violence erupted in Malmo where over 300 people had gathered to protest against anti-Islam activities. Reports suggest that protesters threw objects and indulged in stoning at the police and burnt car tyres. The city was aflame.


Actually, Sweden and Netherlands (Denmark) has been a great supporter of Conversion into Christianity and they regularly fund mass conversions. In Bharat we have been at the receiving end of the conversion Mafia who have undermined our culture, our civilization and our peaceful practices.

Secondly, Sweden has openly criticized the abrogation of Article 370 and Section 35A and has spoken out in support of those Kashmiri Muslims who are anti-India, knowing fully well about the genocide that our Kashmiri Hindus faced. For us, both extremist factions are anti-Bharat. Why should we speak out for either of them? They know how to handle their own Nation’s crisis, and it would be better for us to not take sides.



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