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The Wire’s Siddharth Varadarajan caught once again for spreading FAKE NEWS to instigate violence amongst protestors.

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The Wire portal is known for its fakery and ulterior motives to create unrest in country by spreading fake news and hatred. This portal is known as the biggest fake news factory on India.

In a fresh instance, Delhi Police has detained Mandeep Punia of Caravan Magazine and Dharmendra Singh of Online News India. Both of them have been detained from the Singhu Border and have been detained at Alipur Police Station.

While Journalist lobby was crying for his release, Wire’s Siddharth Varadarajan was sharing another fake news, which could have create mass unrest or may be riots in the city. Wire is desperately pushing that a farmer was killed by Delhi police, however it is seen that he was killed while doing stunts and breaking the barricades.

Siddharth Varadarajan is trying to portray it as if Delhi Police killed that farmer and now even Doctors are managed by the government to produce a ‘fake’ postmortem report.

However, all these allegations are fake and criminal in nature and that is why an FIR has been filed against Siddharth.

Even the doctors who conducted the postmortem have debunked such fake claims and released an official statement about the cause of death of that farmer.

Picture Credit – CMO Rampur

There is a famous saying in Hindi, चोर चोरी से जाए, लेकिन सीनाजोरी से नहीं, Siddharth Varadarajan is proving that he is a shameless and anti-national element, who has no respect for the law and order. He keeps tweeting against this action and justifying his acts.

We urge central and state government to take a stern action against Siddharth and his ‘Fake news’ Factory i.e., The Wire. We have to set an example and draw the line somewhere. This cant go on like this forever.

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