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Shocking-This Christian Missionary is PUMPING 175 Million US dollars to DISTURB the demography of India


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India is currently facing lots of external as well as internal challenges. The biggest internal challenge is certainly the tactical demography change which has been carried out by the conversion of Hindus to other religions like Christianity or Islam.

The biggest irony of our times is that people are not able to see the biggest conspiracy hatched out by the Vatican supported missionaries. Vatican is pumping huge money to carry out rampant conversions across the length and breadth of India, and spewing the seeds of cultural and religious animosity among Indians.

Now pushing the same nefarious agenda ahead, the International Mission Board (IMB), a notorious American Christian organization, has set aside $175 Million to convert people in India to Christianity.

IMB has a single agenda, they want to bring Jesus to every tribe, nation, people, and language. The excuse they give is “God has given His vision to the Church”.

Picture Credit – IMB

Here it is important to note that members of this organization are engaged in religious conversion targeting every section of society in India including Muslims, Sikhs, Buddhists, etc.
It is not a hidden truth that their primary target is Hindus and they have a deep hatred towards Hindu Gods. On their website, they call South Asia (it’s a codeword used for India) both ‘awe-inspiring’ and ‘heart-wrenching’ as it has the largest concentration of non-Christians.

This missionary organization has openly stated on their website that they are recruiting converted Hindus and training them to convert other Hindus. They have around 3,535 missionary families working on the payroll of IMB to carry out the mass conversions in India.

Picture Credit – IMB

The organization has allotted an annual budget for its mission of converting people which is touted to be around $175 Million USD. IMB has dedicated Indian specific operations and they arrange countless trips are primarily for India only.

Picture Credit – IMB

Here in the above picture, we can see how they are targeting our nation step by step. They arrange trips for college students and those involved in other professions, they send them to India to orchestrate conversion at a massive level. You can find a list of their trips being organized on their official website.

The IMB is located in Richmond (USA) and currently headed by Paul Chitwood, who was previously served as an executive director of the Kentucky Baptist Convention, which is a radical organization that funds missionaries across the world.

Their website has listed several courses for becoming a missionary and also has modules for churches on how to ‘spread the gospel’. So far, a total of 103,328 people have been evangelized through their representatives in ‘South Asia’.

65,334 have been trained to convert and another 89,385 are likely to convert with 35,183 in the process of conversion. 29,286 have been fully converted.

They are portraying themselves as an organization that is spreading service, compassion, and love, etc., these are the sweet coated poison veils they use to approach people in places where aggression is not possible. Just remove the veil you can see their demoniac nature. Other man’s distress is their celebration. Don’t believe us? Read from their web site.

The annual budget allotted for converting people in the Unreached Groups by IMB is 175 million Dollars,i.e  175,000,000  (if converted into rupees it would be  12,775, 000,000,000  Rupees). There are 3,535 missionary families working for IMB to carry out the conversions.

Last year, they had plans to send a batch of 12 seminary graduates to India to convert people but due to COVID it got canceled.

Blatant violations of Visa rules

International Mission Board is known for its tactics to violate Indian visa Laws and sending in hoards of missionaries every year in the name of social welfare and services.

Whatever visa these people hold in India, they are in violation of the terms and conditions of the visa. If they hold a missionary visa, visa holders cannot use it for proselytizing and can only join a missionary organization approved by the government of India.

In order to be approved by the government of India to operate within the country, an organization must receive a certificate indicating it is compliant with the Foreign Contributions Regulatory Act. If they hold a tourist visa, they can only use it for non-business purposes, such as tourism or visiting family and friends.

Indian Government should put an immediate ban on such missionaries, which always try to destabilize other countries. Government should seize their bank accounts and keep a close vigil on hawala channel, which help them channelize their funds in India. Its a long fight of civilization and we have to be prepared for a long haul.


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