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The USA and Allies are bewildered by the ‘Geo-Political War’ unleashed by Modi Govt & BRICS


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There was a notion that it takes decades for geopolitical changes to take place in the world. Any country takes decisions keeping in mind its sovereignty and security, which also has advantages and disadvantages. If we talk about the situation today, we will find that due to the war between Russia and Ukraine, many political and strategic changes have started in the world.

Where on one side NATO and other western countries have formed a group under the leadership of America, who are fighting an undeclared war against Russia. These countries have imposed many types of economic sanctions on Russia, and they have only one objective, to weaken Russia economically so much that it retreats from Ukraine. At the same time, some countries have deepened economic relations with Russia, because they had to meet their strategic, economic and energy needs. India is also one of such countries.

In the last months, India has also started deepening its economic ties with Russia keeping in mind its strategic and economic needs. India has increased the import of oil and gas from Russia manifold, while a new mechanism has also been created to do mutual trade in Rupee-Ruble. On the other hand, Indian companies are investing in Russia’s energy, entertainment, retail, and IT sectors, so that mutual trade can be increased further.

But this move did not go down well with the US and its European allies, and this has been the reason why in the last months we have seen how the US and its allies have gone aggressive on India. We have seen how the administration of Germany and America raised questions on Kashmir, while America has extended the visa for Indians. The US has not appointed its ambassador to India in the last almost two years.

Human rights organizations of the US and its allies, various rating institutions have tried to surround India on every front in the last few months. At the same time, the western media has also tried to tarnish the image of India by exaggerating the minor incidents happening in India by spreading false propaganda.

India was questioned at every possible forum for its undeclared support to Russia, it was pressurized to stay away from Russia. However, the Indian government has taken decisions in the interest of the country, keeping its diplomacy and economics independent without coming under any such pressure.

The attitude of the USA has gradually started changing

But something has happened in the past that America’s voice has started changing. America has now started calling India its strong ally and wants to strengthen relations with India because its relations with Russia and China are tense. The US government is looking to streamline the process of granting visas to Indian tourists and greatly reduce the time it takes.

The US has also supported the proposal to make India the president of the G-20 grouping. At the same time, the US has removed the Indian currency from its currency monitoring list. You must be wondering how suddenly America’s voice changed? As we said the geopolitical environment does not change so easily, there is a big reason why America and its allies are suddenly speaking in favor of India. That is the expansion of the BRICS organization and India’s important role in it.

The USA and Allies are bewildered by the possible extension of BRICS

BRICS is an organization whose members are Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa. This is an organization in which America and its Western allies have no place, this organization has a different structure, a different economic system. Its headquarter is in China, while its first headquarter is going to be opened in GIFT City of Gujarat. India has played a very important role in this organization, and you will find the impression of India somewhere in every decision taken in the organization.

After the war between Russia and Ukraine, countries have turned their attention towards creating an alternative strategic and economic order in the world. Similarly, preparations are also being made for the expansion of the BRICS organization. Recently, the African country Algeria has applied for membership of this organization. Apart from this, 12 other countries like Argentina, Iran, Indonesia, Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Egypt have also shown interest in joining this organization.

If all these countries join BRICS in the coming time, it will create a strong alternative to the global strategic and economic system controlled by the US and its allies.

What could be the possible outcomes of BRICS extention?

If BRICS expands, the world’s strategic and economic equations will change, and this new organization could usher in a new global order. Energy (oil and gas), weapons, economic power, pharma, IT, and consumer numbers are some of the important factors driving the world order. If the BRICS expands, these elements will be dominated by the BRICS countries, leading to the fear of the end of the US-backed global order.

If all these countries are included in BRICS, then what will change in the world, you can understand from the figures given below:

  • Most populous countries in the world – China and India
  • World’s largest gas exporter – Russia
  • World’s largest oil exporters – Russia, Saudi Arabia, Iran and Algeria
  • World’s largest producer and exporter of palm oil – Indonesia
  • Countries with the largest army in the world – China, India and Russia
  • Largest producing country in the world – China
  • Largest drug making country in the world – India
  • World’s Largest IT Services Provider – India
  • Largest automobile manufacturers in the world – China and India
  • Largest mobile phone producer and exporter countries in the world – China and India
  • Largest producers of electronics goods in the world – China and India
  • The world’s largest markets – China and India
  • The world’s largest arms makers – Russia and China

Imagine when these countries of such great potential come together, and they form their own separate economic system and supply system, then what will they need to remain neutral on America and Western countries? Is this one of the reasons why America’s behavior has changed so suddenly? Is America starting to feel that India is now moving away from its camp, and that is why it is now honoring India?

See, there can be many other reasons for this, but the way the Indian Government and India’s Foreign Minister Jaishankar have taken a dig at America and its allies in the past, they have taken independent decisions on the subject of Russia-Ukraine without coming under their pressure. From this it is being confirmed that India has made up its mind that now it is not going to come under the pressure of any country.

India will now boldly play a leading role in the expansion of BRICS and stop wasting its time in the United Nations. India should now take its decisions considering its own benefits and long-term economic and strategic goals. We may have some loss in this too, but if India has to become a superpower, then this is the only way that India behaves like a superpower and a sovereign nation.


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