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Why the EXPLOSIVE film ‘The Kerala Story’ got stuck in Political and Administrative troubles?


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The troubles of the film ‘The Kerala Story’ are increasing. The teaser of this film was released recently, after which the film has been embroiled in controversies. The DGP of Kerala has directed the Commissioner of Police, Thiruvananthapuram to register an FIR on the teaser of the film. According to Kerala Police, the direction is based on a complaint sent to Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan.

The film is an attempt to bring the stories of atrocities against Hindu girls in the country. The film tells the story of Hindu girls kidnapped by Islamic organizations in South India by showing temptation, pressure and fear by a system that sold them to terrorist organizations. The film’s director Sudipto Sen has researched this story for months and has also been assisted by several philanthropic organizations in this work.

According to the producer of the film ‘The Kerala Story’, Vipul Amrutlal Shah, it is the story of such a human tragedy that will shake the audience to the core. The film reveals the events behind 32 thousand women who went missing in the state of Kerala. According to the producer, the film is a very real, fair and true story of the events that shook Kerala.

In the teaser of the film, actress Adah Sharma is seen narrating the story, how she was converted from Hindu to Muslim and forced to join the terrorist organization ISIS by making Shalini Unnikrishnan as Fatima Ba. The film tells the story of a woman who dreamt of becoming a nurse, but is abducted and converted.

After that he was inducted into the ISIS terrorist organization, and now he is lodged in a prison in Afghanistan. In this teaser, there is an unheard saga of the Islamic conspiracy with Shalini along with 32 thousand other women, which no one knows, right. Somebody wants to hear.

The teaser of the film is shocking, and after watching it, the audience on social media is divided into two groups. On one hand people are appreciating the film and calling conversion a serious subject, while some people are spreading propaganda against the filmmakers.

These people say that the filmmakers should clearly put the figures of disappearance of girls in Kerala and sending them to terrorist organizations. While there is another group which is demanding to ban this film, while the administration of Kerala has also made up its mind to take strict action against this film.

Kerala government and police started proceedings against the film

The DGP of Kerala has directed the Commissioner of Police, Thiruvananthapuram to register an FIR on the teaser of the film. This order has been given only after acting on a complaint sent to the Chief Minister of Kerala. In this regard, the Kerala Police says that their high level Crime Investigation Wing has started a preliminary inquiry into the facts mentioned in this film, the report of which has been sent to the DGP, and further action will be taken accordingly.

Congress demanded to ban the film

Congress leader VD Satheesan has accused the film of defaming the state of Kerala and spreading misinformation. He has claimed that this film has been made with a plan to tarnish the image of Kerala in front of other states. He also said that the Sangh Parivar could be behind the making of the film.

He has also demanded a ban on this film. According to him, this film is spreading hatred in the society, and thus making a film on half-incomplete information creates communal issues. Earlier, a Tamil Nadu-based journalist Arvindkashan BR wrote a letter to the Chief Minister of Kerala regarding the teaser of ‘The Kerala Story’. The journalist asked the Kerala government to call the director of the film and investigate its veracity.

‘The Kerala Story’ a Propaganda or a Cruel Truth?

Opponents of the film are questioning the number of 32,000 women mentioned in it, but no one is talking about whether the forced conversions mentioned in it and sending the girls to Syria and Afghanistan are true. However, the fact remains that the incidents of Jihad have been increasing in Kerala and other South Indian states over the years due to foreign funding and religious blindness.

If we talk about Kerala itself, then there are incidents of love jihad, where Hindu girls are being converted into Muslims by trapping them in love. After that they are also being sent to Syria and Afghanistan to join terrorist organizations. One such example was seen in 2019, where some Muslim girls from India had gone to Syria because they had to join ISIS.

These young women were made sex slaves in the name of religion, and later these young women were deported to Afghanistan, where they were arrested and imprisoned. These girls had requested the Indian government to bring them back, but the Modi government had refused to bring them back. According to the government, these girls are fundamentalists and bringing them back to India may pose a challenge to the security system in the country.

Apart from this, NIA has taken action against many such organizations in Kerala, which used to instigate Indian girls working in Gulf countries in the name of religion and force them to join terrorist organizations like ISIS. Hundreds of such cases were seen where girls from Kerala were sent to countries like Syria, Iraq on the pretext of giving jobs in Gulf countries and later they were sold there to ISIS terrorists.

No one has any information about what happened to those girls after that. The film is raising a burning topic, and in such a situation it is important that there is talk on numbers, there is discussion.


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