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Is ‘Amazon’ funding religious conversions in Northeast India?? Alleges RSS-backed magazine ‘The Organizer’


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RSS-affiliated magazine The Organiser, in its latest issue, has carried an article accusing e-commerce giant Amazon of funding illegal conversions in the northeastern states.

The Organizer, in its article titled “The Amazing Cross Connection“, reports that Amazon has deep financial ties with a missionary organization called the “American Baptist Church”. The article states that this organization is running a “conversion module” in the northeastern states. Although Amazon has denied all these allegations.

The magazine has claimed that Amazon is funding a Christian conversion module run by this church. Similar campaigns are being run by many other multinational companies and organizations to fund India’s huge missionary conversion mission.

For your information, let us tell you that on Monday itself, the Supreme Court had termed forced conversion as a very serious matter and threatened the national security and the steps taken by the Central Government for its prevention were also sought.

The magazine has also reported that the American Baptist Church is running a front called ‘All India Mission’ in India, which has so far converted more than 25,000 people to Christianity in the northeastern states.

According to the magazine, the National Commission for Protection of Child Rights has also taken cognizance of the facts mentioned in its article, and it is expected that action will be taken on this.

At the same time, Amazon denied these claims and said that they have no relation with such an organization. Amazon has said that it is running a program called An Amazon Smile, in which customers can donate to associated ‘non-profit organizations’.

It depends on the customers which organization they want to donate. However, Amazon did not explain why ‘American Baptist Church’ and ‘All India Mission’ are associated on their platform, while both these organizations are notorious for proselytizing.

Panchjanya calls Amazon ‘East India Company 2.0’

The RSS-affiliated magazine ‘Panchjanya’ also wrote about Amazon in its main article in its October 3 issue. The cover of the magazine featured a picture of the company’s founder, Jeff Bezos. The article, titled East India Company 2.0, states, “Actually Amazon wants to monopolize the Indian market. For this, it is taking step by step steps to end the political, economic and personal freedom of the people.

The controversy started with a tweet by Hitesh Shankar of ‘Panchjanya’, in which he accused Amazon of bribing and said that people consider this company a threat to indigenous entrepreneurship, economic freedom and Indian culture.

It was told in the same article that Amazon wants to completely capture the e-market of India, and for this it has also created many fake companies. He bribes merchants to keep them on his side.

‘Panchjanya’ went further and said that Amazon started companies like Cloudtail and Apperia, in which it has indirect investments. These two companies account for about 35 percent of Amazon’s business, and are slowly monopolizing supply and logistics.

It also broadcasts programs against Indian culture through Prime Video service, in which Hindu culture is shown below. When the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting took cognizance of the airing of anti-Hindu content like ‘Tandav’ and ‘Patal Lok’ on Amazon Prime, it had to apologize. Apart from this, many other programs are aired on Amazon Prime, which work to confuse the youth and turn them away from Hindu religion.

Amazon opposed these allegations

Amazon had reacted sharply to being called ‘East India Company 2.0’. He said that small and medium traders have only benefited from their work. The company further said, these are people who sell wooden articles, stationery, electronics consumer goods, mobile phones, cosmetics, clothing, medical products and so on.

Amazon also said that it is also in the business of exporting, and it exports products manufactured in the country. According to Amazon, more than 70,000 businessmen are associated with them who manufacture goods under the ‘Made in India’ label, whose products are exported to other countries.

Amazon is denying these allegations, but its role in all these cases is highly questionable. They will have to answer why the proselytizing groups are on their platform. At the same time, his economic policies also mark his questionable conduct. Amazon also played a role in canceling the deal between Reliance and Big Bazaar sometime back.

At the same time, Amazon is running a campaign against Hindu religion and culture through its media and OTT platform. It is clearly visible in their programs that they have some kind of problem with Hindu religion and culture.

No matter how much clarification Amazon gives, but the difference between their words and actions has become clear now. Amazon is certainly here to do business, but their tendency to monopolize and attack culture is making them another East India company for us.


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