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The Rise of a Non-Dynast – Who has been nurtured by BJP to become a ‘Leader of Tomorrow’


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India is known for the participation of dynasties in Kingdoms and even in democratic process as well. Indian Politics has been personified as the dynastic nature of the politics has been rising since independence. However, its a matter of anguish and disappointment, and nobody can deny that Dynastic politics is jeopardizing the democratic principles assured by our constitution.

However, today’s article is about a young politician, who has been rising through the ranks and has assumed a place for himself without using any dynastic source or linkage.

This all started in 1999, when this leader, who was only 9 years old, sold all his paintings to generate Rs. 1220 to donate in Kargil Relief Fund. Though the amount doesn’t hold any importance here, it was the intention, it was the attitude to make the change and be counted, which really matters.

Picture Source – Reddit

Yes, we are talking about Tejasvi Surya, the rising and shining star of BJP, who is definitely a Leader who will shape the future of India in the coming years. He is the youngest MP of BJP, and he has emerged as the centre of the party and Opposition’s attention due to his hyperbole on social media and amplified fervour of nationalism.

He belongs to a middle-class family, He is a law graduate from the Bangalore Institute of Legal Studies, who seemingly looks like a boy next door. He is an avid biker, he uses the same Social Media lingo as we do and is unapologetic of his comments and views on any subject, even on controversial and sensitive subjects too. He may seem like the boy next door, who gets excited when he meets his idols. In a way, all of this would have resonated with today’s Youth.

He is an ardent follower of Swami Vivekananda, Ambedkar, and Veer Savarkar. He is a is well-read on history, religion, and spirituality. His deep reverence to Maa Bharati is perhaps what makes his intentions pure. Right from his childhood days, Tejasvi took interest in serving the people. He took up leadership roles at the St Paul’s School in Belagavi and also served as the Head Boy at the Sri Kumaran Children’s Home in Bengaluru. He is a recipient of the Balaratna Award as well.

Tejasvi has a sensation much before the BJP named him the candidate for its prestigious Bengaluru South Lok Sabha seat last year. He has been known for his fiery speeches, which his critics have dubbed as polarising. We don’t know if his speeches are polarising, but yes, he is very much successful in convincing the youth on several issues of importance.

Tejasvi’s heavily nationalistic orientation and diatribe can be attributed to his closeness with the RSS and the ABVP in his younger days. Indian Youth have a liking to articulate politicians, and this is where Tejasvi scores massively, Tejsavi is fluent in Hindi, English, and in Kannada too. He is regarded as an eloquent speaker and several of his speeches (or the videos of them) have gone viral on social media. One of his famous speech where he said ‘If you are with Narendra Modi, you are with India and if you are against Narendra Modi, you are against India’, that speech went viral and got rave reviews from everyone.

He was leading the Digital Communications Team for Karnataka BJP during the 2018 elections, which earned him national recognition for bringing a new dimension to digital political communication. Tejasvi also played an active role in Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s 2014 Lok Sabha elections campaign, he organized and addressed more than 100 public meetings across the country. A few years back, he was sent to the United Kingdom by the UK High Commission for a young leadership course.

Tejasvi is known for his apologetic attitude when it comes to religion. He openly said that “BJP should unapologetically be a party for Hindus. Must take concrete legislative measures to alleviate Hindu issues, not just make speeches. Congress is the party of Muslims and every Hindu must be convinced of this truth.”

He once tweeted that “Call me a bigot, communal fanatic or whatever,” “But singular reason for BJP’s defeat in Jayanagar is the complete consolidation of Muslim vote. BJP must ‘really’ become a Hindu party & not just be perceived as one.”

This tweet did spread the shock waves amongst the Secular Liberal gang, but Tejasvi Surya never cared about them, and that’s what makes him hugely popular among the masses.

Honestly tell us, how many Politicians have guts to say this openly?

He loves to give it back to propaganda artists, and this is what makes him earned a special place.

In a major reshuffle, the Bharatiya Janata Party has made the changes in the party leadership. Tejasvi Surya has been made the president of the party’s youth wing BJYM (Bharteey Janta Yuva Morcha) in place of Poonam Mahajan. This is indeed a big achievement, that at such a tender age, BJP has reposed its faith in the young leader like Tejasvi, who has shown the zeal to perform and serve the country well.

PM Modi himself congratulated all the new leaders.

On the very next day, Tejasvi Surya met the Home Minister Amit Shah and raised the concern of increasing sleeper cells in Bengaluru and requested him to setup a permanent local division of NIA in the city, which was indeed agreed by Home Minister. This shows that Tejasvi is very much aware of his priorities as a Public Servant.

In our opinion, Tejasvi Surya is definitely the next big thing in Indian Politics. He is young and dynamic, he loves his roots and religion, he loves to give back to his opponents. He is a wonderful speaker and known for his passionate speeches. He remains very active on social media and uses this medium to connect with the people in his constituency. He uses social media platforms to express his opinion on issues that are related to Hinduism, patriotism, National security, and PM Modi’s governance.

It feels really good that BJP is promoting such a raw talent and shaping him into a leader of the future. He has shown that one doesn’t need to be a dynasty kid to achieve big in politics, he has shown the way to the Youth of India that they can join the politics and serve the country and bring the change in the lives of people. We would like to wish him all the best for all his future endeavors.


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