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Sonu Sood Exposed – How he took credit for Tejasvi Surya’s work to establish himself as a Messiah

The COVID pandemic has not only shaken our beliefs and consciences but also exposed the evil face of humans. We have seen the fall...

Surge of Saffronization helps in revival of Nationalist Passion in West Bengal

Are the winds of change sweeping Bengal ? Will the surge of Saffron party cause tectonic shift in the intellectual hub of the country which has been traditionally left bastion ? Will the glorious nationalistic passion resurface and strong undercurrent propel BJP to power ?

Why should #TheMonkFromGorakhpur succeed Modi/Shah ?

When Amit Shah decided to contest from Gandhinagar seat in 2019 Lok Sabha Elections and he took the role of Home Minister in the...

The Rise of a Non-Dynast – Who has been nurtured by BJP to become a ‘Leader of Tomorrow’

India is known for the participation of dynasties in Kingdoms and even in democratic process as well. Indian Politics has been personified as the...