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Sonu Sood Exposed – How he took credit for Tejasvi Surya’s work to establish himself as a Messiah

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The COVID pandemic has not only shaken our beliefs and consciences but also exposed the evil face of humans. We have seen the fall of many heroes during this pandemic, and Sonu Sood is among them.

Sonu Sood has established himself as someone who is helping the masses and available for everyone round the clock. However, from last few days, we have seen many instances, where he has been caught red-handed, many a times it has been observed that people delete their twitter accounts after getting help from him, many a times he provide help after the death of patient, many a time he sends help to the hospitals, which don’t exist.

The latest incident is from Shreyas Hospital, Bangalore, where the lives of 30 COVID patients were at stake, as there was a shortage of Oxygen due to an O2 leak. It was said that Sonu Sood Foundation workers rushed to the hospital on the night of May 12 and arranged emergency cylinders in the nick of time. People appreciated Sonu Sood Foundation for its swift action, which saved so many innocent lives.

However, the truth was shocking, as Sumukh Betageri, whose name was mentioned in this letter was not related to Snu Sood Foundation. He is working as an OSD to BJP MP Tejasvi Surya.

On the night of 12th, I got a call from the hospital and he was inforemd that there is an o2 SOS in Shreyas Hospital. I called up Dr. Samit from Shreyas Hospital who narrated the incident. He immediately called up the Deputy Nodal officer (Mr. Nischith VD) for Oxygen supply.

He directed the Drug Inspector Mr. Suresh who contacted Bharuka Gas & ensured that cylinder is filled on priority.
As there was leakage in the o2 tank, he contacted Bangalore police and lodged an incident report. he then called Mahalakshmi Layout Inspector, who rushed to the spot.

Within 5 minutes Sumukh got a call from the Fire Department which also dispatched their vehicle which reached immediately.
The Drug inspectors also arranged additional backup Jumbo cylinders from a nearby hospital and also sent technicians who fixed the leaking o2 tank.

The situation was brought under control & within 90 minutes from the time he was made aware of, the problem was solved with complete co ordination between the Office of MP Tejasvi Surya, Police,Fire and Drug departments which prevented loss of lives and a possible fire incident.

However, The sad part is, The Sonu Sood Foundation, which did nothing other than calling hospital to check if the problem is solved, asked for a letter and when the hospital was produced, the Sonu Sood Foundation insisted that MP Tejasvi Surya’s name be removed from the original letter.

We have no issues with Sonu Sood foundation, they should take the credit of the work they are doing, but they are not supposed to take undue credit of someone else’s work.

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