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Tales from Ramayan that we can imply in our daily Life.


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Sitadevi gave birth to twins Lava and Kusha at Sage Valmiki’s ashram in the forest. The entire ashram was filled with joy, however Sage Valmiki felt deeply saddened that the progeny of the Suryavamsha (Sun Dynasty) who were to be born in palace took birth in the heritage, they deserved to be born among grandeur and opulence.

While the Sage was in middle of thoughts, his disciple Sage Bharadwaja came to inform him about the arrival of army from Ayodhya led by Shatrughna. Sage Valmiki was surprised and also anxious to know what made the entire army to be there at that moment when Sitadevi had just delivered the heirs of the land.

It so happened that Shri Rama had sent Shatrughna to fight against Asura Lavana who was troubling the citizens. On the way back after victory the army came across Valmiki’s ashram and wanted to halt there for the night. Sage Valmiki could not believe his eyes, he could see the flags with emblem of the Suryavamsha, the infantry with elephants and horses. Sage Valmiki felt as if the entire army of Ayodhya was standing to welcome the twins.

Sage Valmiki received the Ayodhya prince and shared with him the joy of the birth of twins by one of the inmates. Shatrughna celebrated the joy by presenting the twins with gold ornaments he was wearing which had the seal of the royal family. The entire army was fed and it was like jubilation in the Ashram.

Sage Valmiki could not hold back tears from his eyes on seeing this Divine arrangement, what a welcome to the new born twins and they got what they deserved. Looking at the developments, Sage Valmiki wrote thus:

“Hoihai wahi jo Ram rachi raakhaa, Ko kare tarak badhaye saakha.
(Whatever Rama has destined, only that shall happen, why should anybody apply wisdom and logic for sake of just propagating discussion).

What is destined will happen; there is no point in getting worried. Sage Valmiki reminds us that we get so used to think about “why it did not happen so” that we forget to switch off the flip flop of thoughts and let what is happening and accept them as they unfold. If we analyse why we are so, we can understand that it is because we are indiscipline thinkers. The attention is grabbed by the most stimulating thoughts it can find, and future misfortunes become the focus of thinking. Worrying itself become a habit.

Nothing just happens on its own, there are reasons behind everything. God made us free and independent beings, not puppets to play with. Something great only happens in our life, only when we convert our burning desires into actions towards it, only when we deserve it.

What we need to do is work on our actions and not to worry on what has happened. If we worry on what should have happened we may lose our attention which is required for what is been done. If what is done is not proper then the required result may not be as it should have been. If we are sincere in what we do and let what is destined to happen, we are always at peace.


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