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Haryana’s St. Mary’s school mocked Bhagwan Ram; Hindus demanding strict action against this EVIL act

Hindus have been the soft target for the secular liberal gang for quite a while, they are selectively targeting Hindus, their festivals, and their...

कृषि विधेयके कांग्रेसस्य विरोधम् कुत्रैव उचितम् ! कृषि विधेयक पर कांग्रेस का विरोध कहां तक जायज ?

कृषि विधेयकम् राष्ट्रपतिस्य सहमतिम् अप्राप्यत् सम्प्रति इयम् विधेयकम् च् भारतस्य विधिस्य अंशम् अभवत् ! केंद्र सर्कारम् एकम्प्रति इति विधिम् ऐतिहासिकम् बदनोति तर्हि द्वितीयम्प्रति विपक्ष...

Haryana Government’s big stride on ‘Beti Bachao Beti Padhao’ – Every Girl to get passport with graduation degree

Haryana was once notoriously infamous for all the wrong reasons, as far as safety, human rights, education and sex ratio of Females. However Haryana...