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Haryana’s St. Mary’s school mocked Bhagwan Ram; Hindus demanding strict action against this EVIL act


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Hindus have been the soft target for the secular liberal gang for quite a while, they are selectively targeting Hindus, their festivals, and their Gods. While the entire nation is rejoicing and celebrating Diwali, Haryana’s St. Mary’s school has indulged in mocking and shaming our Bhagwan Ram.

Shri Ram has been mocked during a children’s program at St. Mary’s School in Tohana, Haryana. As expected, this drama was enacted and Bhagwan Ram was mocked deliberately, which caused a lot of furor and people are now demanding to cancel the recognition of the school with immediate effect.

You can watch this unfortunate video here, where St. Mary’s School, Tohana, has been showing the events of Ramayana in a bad light, and indeed mocking Bhagwan Ram, Sita Mata, and Lakshman. the entire event has misrepresented the character of Shri Ram in front of the children.

Bajrang Dal has taken a strong objection against this evil act and it has demanded against the school immediately. Bajrang Dal has sent a letter to the SHO Tohana, in which it has been said that during the play of Ramlila in St. Mary’s School located in Old Sabzi Mandi, Tohana and DAV Public School, Dangra Road, Lord Shri Ram has been made fun of.

Bajrang Dal has demanded that the principal of these schools, teachers, and those who write the script of the play should be booked and strict action should be taken against both the schools. The police have already registered an official FIR against the school.

Picture Credit – Bajrang Dal

Hindu IT cell has spoken with the school Principal Rajeev Sharma, and he has accepted his mistake and issues an official apology. He also assures that no such thing will ever happen again.

Well, filing FIR or tendering an apology is just the first step here. Any school or other educational institution must refrain from making fun of our Gods and Culture in front of students. We just can’t allow them to do this and get away with an apology.

Government must frame strict laws, and take action against such violators who are openly mocking Hinduism in the name of creative liberty or freedom of expression.


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