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Sonu ‘The Saviour’ Sood – A knight in shining armour for the people in distress


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There is a famous saying that “Not all heroes wear capes.” It’s a common phrase you must have seen in movies, news or social media. It is generally used to refer to someone executing his duties and helping people and society.

Under this global COVID pandemic situation, we have seen hundreds of such role models who came forward and offered their helping hands to the people in distress. We have seen police forces, healthcare workers, sanitization workers, Armed force personnel, and a lot of others who contributed their best to the welfare of the common man and the society as a whole.

Today, we will be talking about a ‘Super Hero’ who often plays the roles of an ‘Antagonist’ in movies, but in actual life, he turned out to be a wonderful samaritan for hundreds and thousands of migrant workers during the ongoing coronavirus induced problems.

For millions of people, he has become a Person, who helped them at that critical juncture when they were engulfed with fear and were uncertain about their future, they walking an uncertain path with no support or even any assurance that they may be able to see the next day or not.

Sonu Sood started this massive effort by arranging the conveyance for people stranded due to COVID lockdown, he helped people to reach their home when there were no arrangements available from the Governments of different states, and with each passing day, he is increasing the scope of his support for the fellow citizens. Now he is helping people in foreign countries so that they can return to their homes, he is working with different agencies to provide jobs to the migrant workers, he is providing food, medicines, agricultural items, and what not.

All one need is a tweet to Sonu Sood, report their concern and Sonu Sood and his entire team starts working on those concerns immediately and we have seen the closure of concerns in couple of hours flat, which is unbelievable.

Though we know it’s not possible for us to cover the good deeds of Sonu Sood in a single article, still we would like to highlight some of the outstanding and touching efforts which brought a sense of relief and smiles to the faces of millions of Indians.

In April, when there was a strict lockdown across India, Sonu Sood started ‘Shakti Annadanam‘ drive, which was named after his late father, to provide more than 150,000 daily meals to underprivileged people in Mumbai. Soon they engaged with an NGO ‘Khaana Chahiye Organization‘ which was providing food to stranded people along with feeding 1,000 stray cats and dogs and supplying ration kits to underprivileged.

He started ‘Ghar Bhejo‘ movement in April and since then he has sent thousands of stranded people and migrant workers to their homes.

He dedicated his hotel in Juhu for the healthcare workers of nearby hospitals who were treating Covid-19 patients.

He is helping people with their emergency queries, many people approached him as their family members were critical and not getting any medical help, but Sonu Sood made this possible and here is just an example.

He even started taking responsibility of Orphan children, who were in distress and have no hopes from others, but it was Sonu Sood who came as a savior for them, such a moving gesture indeed.

A Farmer in Andhra Pradesh had no money for ploughing his fields, his daughters shot the video and post that on social media, within few hours they got a brand new tractor from Sonu Sood, that’s how quick he is .

This person was in need of artificial limbs to live a respectable life, and guess what, a single tweet to Sonu Sood and this work is done.

He declared that now as migrants have reached their homes, he will be helping them with jobs, and true to his words, he has setup a partnership with AEPC and have started providing jobs to thousands of skilled workers.

He didn’t stop in India, he started an initiative to bring back the Indians who are stuck in foreign countries. He has arranged countless chartered flights for Indian people from several countries like Uzbekistan, Philippines, Russia, Canada, and several other countries. See how these students are elated and appreciating the humongous efforts of Sonu Sood.

It is understood that such a massive effort does need huge money, and many times people do offer to donate and contribute some amount to Sonu Sood, but he always politely refused and request them to help the needy people in their area, the nearest hospital. This is a moving gesture, he is not taking money, he is actually inspiring others to replicate the ‘Sonu Sood’ model, that is, start helping people in your vicinity.

Look how Sonu Sood is inspiring people to help others, don’t you think this learning will push these kids to grow as a better citizen? They will be saving money and utilizing it in helping the needy, this is what humanity is in real sense.

There are thousands of such amazing stories, millions of smiles, Lakhs of wishes we have seen during this testing time and credit goes to the living legend Sonu Sood. The way he has stepped up and helped scores of people during this lock down is beyond commendable. We would like to wish him good health and wish that every Indian should take a cue from Sonu Sood, he has shown what humanity is, what our values should be, how we should stepped up during difficult times and help our fellow brother and sisters.

Hail Sonu Sood, A knight in shining Armour for the people in distress, our own Superhero.


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