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Shocking: Menaka Gandhi Mishebhaved with an Ex-Army Officer, while protecting a Muslim Family in the name of Animal Rights


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It is not easy to live a public life, it is not easy to have good conduct with people who approach you for help or any assistance. Maneka Gandhi is a leader who has been in public life for many decades, but even today stories of her abuse are heard. The latest case is that of Saras Tripathi, an Ex-Army officer living in Ghaziabad.

He lives in a society in Kaushambi, Ghaziabad. A Muslim family also lives in his society, which harasses all the people, and keeps threatening people on one pretext or the other. This Muslim family beats up Hindus, forcing them to leave society, it also harasses the girls of Hindus. Recently, Tripathi Ji took over as the general secretary of this society, and after that, he resolved to solve this problem.

He observed that this family feeds stray dogs, and sometimes uses them to threaten society’s people. The management of society made several formal complaints to the police, but no action was taken. On the contrary, this Muslim family filed a case against the police and the society members.

As this Muslim family was using stray dogs, the issue reached Maneka Gandhi, and she started threatening the society people to intimidate them. Saras Tripathi Ji was accused of killing dogs, while he himself takes care of dogs. Maneka Gandhi, without listening to the society management and Saras Tripathi, started calling him bad, and also abused him.

You can watch this video of Saras Tripathi and understand his ordeal.

Picture Credit – Saras Tripathi

Facebook Video Link – https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=4718194348294201&id=100003110469744

Saras Tripathi Ji expressed his anguish and displeasure with the way Menaka Gandhi behaved with him. He was shocked to see how Maneka Gandhi was playing the role of police, lawyer, and judge alone without knowing their side.

It is extremely sad to see how Menaka Gandhi misbehaved with an Ex-Army officer. She herself is the daughter of an army officer, but arrogance seems to have gotten into her mind. We can only pray that good sense may prevail over her mind, someday.



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