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Shiv Sena Goon vandalized the shop of an actor because he supported Kangana Ranaut. Why CM Uddhav Thackeray is keeping quiet?


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Shiv Sena is known as a party of goons, who can attack anyone who go against their leaders and fractured ideology. We have seen many such incidents in recent times, where Shiv Sena local leaders beaten retired officer, shaved the head of a person and what not.

The most recent instance happened where a Shiv Sena local leader cum ‘Goon’ Karan Tuli vandalized the shop of an actor, whose name is Pritam Singh. Pritam shared his side of the story and said that a local Shiv Sena goon came to his shop, vandalized it, abused him frantically in front of his mother. All because he supported Kangana Ranaut.

Pritam Singh tagged Maharashtra CM Uddhav Thackeray and several other prominent leaders to share his ordeal. He even tagged RSS and RSS Chief Sh. Mohan Bhagwat and plead with them to help him out.

He further added that he struggled a lot to made his name in the industry as an outsider. Today these Shiv Sena goons have disrespected him and his family. Shiv Sena goons also threatened him to leave Nagpur or else he may face more consequences. Pritam’s father is a heart patient and his mother is a cancer survivor and he is the sole bread earner for his family.

As per our sources, this matter has been raised with Ex-CM Devendra Fadanvis as well, and he has assured a strict action against Shiv Sena goons, who are making the life of a common Maharashtrian a hell.

Well, this is not a secret now, the current Shiv Sena under Uddhav Thackeray has changed its character and policies. They are acting like a mafia and goons, who never hesitate to take stern action against anyone who speak his/her own mind. This highhandedness should be stopped and Shiv Sena leaders should think about it seriously, else they will lose whatever little support they are left with.


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