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Senator Tammy Baldwin’s SR424: A Misguided and Dangerous Act of Hinduphobia.


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On October 24th, 2023, the introduction of Senate Resolution 424 by Senator Tammy Baldwin of Wisconsin sent shockwaves through the Indian-American community, both within the United States and globally. This resolution, purportedly aimed at highlighting perceived religious persecution in India, instead stands as a distorted and egregious attack on the Hindu community and the nation of India itself.

Senator Baldwin’s resolution accuses the Hindu majority in India of persecuting minority Muslims and Christians, citing statistics regarding the increase in the Muslim and Christian population through conversion, land occupation, birth rates, polygamy, and illegal settlements. These claims, however, paint an incomplete and skewed picture, lacking the depth and context required to comprehend the complex socio-political landscape of India.

The portrayal of Hindus as aggressors and perpetrators of discrimination fails to acknowledge the multifaceted reality in India. While incidents of violence against any community are deplorable and must be condemned, the narrative presented in SR424 oversimplifies a deeply intricate societal fabric, undermining the rich cultural diversity and pluralism that define India.

It is crucial to note that a recent Pew survey revealed that a significant majority—89%—of Indian Muslims do not face discrimination and are free to practice their religion. This finding contradicts the narrative of widespread persecution perpetuated by SR424. Furthermore, the assertion that Muslims receive a disproportionately high percentage of welfare benefits despite constituting 14% of the population reflects a misinterpretation of social welfare policies without acknowledging socio-economic disparities.

The repercussions of such a resolution extend beyond mere rhetoric. By vilifying the Hindu Indian-origin community, SR424 poses a direct threat to their safety and security. This act not only tarnishes the reputation of a vibrant and peace-loving community but also exposes them to potential terror attacks, violence, and vandalism. The repercussions are felt not only within the United States but also impact foreign relations with India, a crucial ally on the global stage.

The introduction of SR424 is not merely a matter of policy disagreement; it is a manifestation of a dangerous trend—Hinduphobia. This bias and prejudice against Hindus undermine the fundamental values of tolerance, respect, and inclusivity. It is imperative that American lawmakers recognize the detrimental impact of such discriminatory resolutions and take swift action to reject them.

In light of these concerns, I urge American lawmakers to reconsider and reject SR424. Instead, a constructive dialogue and nuanced understanding of the complexities in India should guide any legislative action. It is essential to foster harmony, respect cultural diversity, and build bridges between communities rather than sowing seeds of division and prejudice.

The strength of a nation lies in its ability to embrace diversity and uphold the principles of pluralism and unity. Let us stand together against discrimination and bias, reaffirming our commitment to a world where every community is valued, respected, and celebrated.


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