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Rise of Hindutva: Once known as the Mini Pakistan of West Bengal now BJP organized Hanuman Chalisa


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Today is our PM Modi’s 70th birthday and good wishes are pouring in from all corners of the world. BJP will mark ‘Seva Saptah’, which began from September 14, across the country to pray for the long life and good health of PM Modi.

On such an auspicious day, BJP is doing something special, that too in the West Bengal’s Garden Reach which is considered as a hostile territory for BJP karyakartas. BJP conducted a surgical strike on Mayor Firhad Hakim’s area, which he infamously called Mini Pakistan a few years back.

On the occasion of PM Modi’s birthday, BJP does the Hanuman Chalisa path and performed Yagya in that area. BJP’s West Bengal Vice President Sarbari Mukherjee was present to grace this occasion.

Here are few pictures of the occasion.

Garden Reach is famous for a number of completely disparate reasons. For being the last residence of the erstwhile king of Awadh, Nawab Wajid Ali Shah. It was famous for being one of the largest riverine ports in India but gradually it gained a notorious distinction of being a criminal den, violent and unpredictable.

Firhad Hakim once made the infamous and controversial statement while conducting the election campaign in 2016 for Trinamool Congress. He asked the Media and local people that “Please come along and let us take you to mini-Pakistan in Kolkata”.

This area has been named by the Election Commission as one of the “vulnerable and sensitive areas’’ in a list of 800 and its booths feature among the 1,467 “sensitive booths”. Of the 140 people arrested before the elections, including 20 with criminal backgrounds, a number of them were from Garden Reach. This proves that this area is extremely dangerous for Hindus.

BJP has done a wonderful job by conducting the path of Hanuman Chalisa and Yagya in this area, it will boost the confidence of local Hindus and give them a sense of relief. It is important to note that BJP is making huge inroads in West Bengal and it has surpassed all the political parties and have become the primary contender for Trinamool Congress.


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