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Rinku Sharma 2.0 averted in Malwani Malad; Being a Hindu is the BIGGEST SIN in ‘Secular’ India??

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Rinku Sharma’s murder has been a biggest talking point in recent time. It exposed the fakery of Ganga-Jamuni tehjeeb and the so called secularism of India. It has been an established fact that there is a sense of intolerance among the muslim community against Hindus and any small matter can lead to quarrel or even murder of Hindus.

Last night, another Hindu youth was targeted by the Muslim community, but by god’s grace Rinku Sharma 2.0 was averted in Malwani, Malad.

Per sources, approximately 15-20 Muslim youth barge inside the house of a Hindu boy at the Chedda complex and tried to beat him up, but somehow this was averted. This boy is associated with Hindu groups and that is the main reason behind the incident, as several Muslim youths have threatened him in past.

When Hindu youth reported this matter to Police, they simply rejected to register an FIR. Later when people put pressure on Police they only registered a simple complaint, not even the FIR.

Chedda Complex is known for the Hindu exodus in recent times. A mosque has been built here and since then the number of Muslims has been rising in this area and Hindus are leaving the area and selling off their properties at throwaway prices.

Muslim boys make lewd comments on Hindu girls and if someone protests, they start a quarrel with the Hindus, they don’t even spare Ladies. Muslims are creating a ghetto kind of environment here, and they have made it impossible for Hindus to live in this area.

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  1. So clear so visible Well recognised strategy But how is the Hindu community responding ? Are Hindus afraid when they are a majority ?


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