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Restoring decomposed intellect


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Our country has witnessed a dangerous rise in the followers of the “know nothing” comment on
everything dictum. We’ve seen national and International personalities deliberately pass
misleading comments.It is important to realize the threats which bud from misinformation and
misrepresentation of facts, for facts are the base of opinions and when opinions emanate from
twisted facts it puts the country in chaos. This chaos is something our country has witnessed
very recently and very closely during the Anti-CAA protest and the “farmer’s” protest. The
Citizenship Amendment Act was labelled anti-minority, anti-Muslim to be specific. However, this
narrative could have been easily destroyed by the first sentence of the act provided everyone
read it. It states
“Provided that any person belonging to Hindu, Sikh, Buddhist, Jain, Parsi or Christian
community from Afghanistan, Bangladesh or Pakistan”. Let alone the minorities the CAA
concerns no Indian. But what followed the protest was three-day-long rampant violence that

engulfed Delhi. However, the propaganda wave did not end the arrest of “pro ahimsa”, and
“Human rights” activist Umar Khalid.
The arrest of Umar Khalid followed a chain of sympathizing propagandas across various social
media platforms hashtags like #freeUmarKhalid and #scrapUPA were trended as his
sympathizers attempted to whitewash his actions by miss informing people the reason of his

arrest, one of the conspirators have been identified and exposed yet the pseudo lobby
continued backing the accused.They projected Umar Khalid as a peace loving patriot who
promotes the idea of ahimsa and satyagraha has been arrested for the speech he gave.A video
containing pre recorded message by Umar Khalid was released after his arrest where Umar
Khalid states that “The Delhi Police is not arresting the rioters who incited and caused the large
scale communal violence in the capital in February. But instead, it is going after those who
criticise the government and its policies, especially the Citizenship Amendment Act. The ones
who participated in the anti Citizenship Amendment Act protests are being wrongly framed
without proof,”
Umar Khalid was born to Syed Qasim Rasool Ilyas. Syed Qasim Rasool ilyas, the member of All
India Muslim Personal Law Board , and he was a former member of Students Islamic Movement
of India (SIMI), which is a banned radical Islamic organization in Indiab it is banned under the
Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act.
Umar Khalid, a former JNU student and member, was booked for allegedly instigating violence
under the provision of the UAPA (Unlawful activities prevention Act). He was arrested on the 14
of September and was sent to ten day police custody by a Karkardooma court.
Now let’s shed light on the charges filed against Umar Khalid. Ironically the flag bearer of
ahimsa has been charged for allegedly instigating violence in the North-East Delhi. The tukde
tukde gang leader is one of the alleged masterminds of the deep conspiracy behind the Delhi
riots. He is also booked for sedition, murder, attempt to murder and several other offences
under the Indian Penal code.

Tahir Hussain is also one of the conspirators, he is a suspended Aam Aadmi party councillor.
The charge sheet number 114 states that Tahir Hussain met khaild saifi. Khalid Saifi is a
member of the group United against Hate and he is also a very close ally of Umar Khalid. Khalid
Saifi introduced Tahir Hussain and Umar Khalid to one another and this meeting is said to have
taken place at Shaheen Bagh on the 8th of January 2020. It was in this meeting that it was
decided to take up the topic of the citizenship amendment act (CAA) and National Population
Register (NRC) and take an action big enough to shake the central government and make this
topic an international issue.The charge sheet also states that Tahir Hussain bought fifty litres of
acid and stored around hundred glass bottles. Tahir Hussain has been charge sheeted in a
case related to alleged murder of IB official Ankit Sharma during the riots.
A twenty six year old intelligence bureau officer Ankit Sharma was killed in Delhi riots. His
postmortem report states that he sustained a total of fifty one injuries. On the twenty sixth of
February Ankit Sharma’s body was found in a drain in the Chand Bagh area of Delhi.One of the
senior police officers of Delhi police said ” whatever may be the case, this is a targeted killing,a
hate crime. We have registered a case in this matter and will be investigating separately”.
A few r residents claimed that Ankit Sharma was dragged into Tahir’s office and that he is the
one to be held responsible for the IB officer’s death.
On sixth November 2020 the AAP government gave a nod to prosecute Umar Khalid, Faizan
Khan and Sharjeel Imam under UAPA for the Delhi riots conspiracy.
A similar module has been followed in the ongoing “farmer’s” protest where agitated anti-social
forces are taking cover behind innocent mislead farmers, the laws introduced to empower our
farmers are being mislabeled as anti-farmer solely because it suits an agenda. From violating
Covid guidelines and gathering in large numbers while our frontline workers work tirelessly to
taking down the tricolour and attacking the police forces every attempt has been made to harm
innocent lives and stir up violence in the county’s capital for the second year in a row.These are
just two of the many examples of logic and facts being pushed onto the backseat and
ideologies, propaganda and rhetoric taking over the driving seat. The situation further intensifies
when people choose to comment on these issues without having any background knowledge
only because it fits the agenda which they are trying to push forward and starts a dangerous
wave of radicalised reactions. Radicalisation isn’t just when a group of brainwashed people hold
guns but also when a group of people compromise their thinking ability and fail to form an
informed, mature decision and rather base their opinion solely on, left or right? Us or them?
It is possible to disarm these anti-social elements when more and more young people decide to
put logic and reason over irrationality, blind belief and impulsive actions and allow themselves to
be empowered to see a dispassionate presentation of facts. Subsequently neutralizing all the
false arguments, propaganda and rhetoric which have constantly tried to dominate facts. This
chain reaction will ultimately mend the ideological void in our society, marking the foundation of
a new India. Where a united youth will put facts, intellect and innovation in the driver’s seat and
form informed opinions while letting their ideological differences take a backseat for the sake of
national interest.
Living by the rationale of the “परं वभै वंनेतमु ेतत्स्वराष्ट्रं समर्था भवत्वाशि षा तेभशृ म”्

Simantini Bhatvadekar
Simantini Bhatvadekar
Simantini Bhatvadekar, a 17-year-old student and aspiring student activist and writer, who believes in restoring Indic values and who loves to collaborate and work for the same.


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