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Project to translate the Islamic Doctrine Fatawa Alamgiri started- Do you know why it is important for us?


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Indians have a long history of losing back-to-back civilizational wars in the last 2 millenniums and we still haven’t found a concrete way out to get this fixed. The biggest issue is that we lack the ‘Shatru bodh’, or the sense of an enemy. If we do some trend analysis of our fallen kingdoms, then it is quite evident that they did not put any efforts to perform ‘Purva paksha’, or analytical research into the doctrines of their enemies, who were hell-bent to destroy their kingdoms, religion, and Civilisation.

In the last 1000 years, most of the time India was attacked and ruled by Islamic aggressors and invaders. The baffling fact is that most of the Indians are not aware that how Islam and its followers operate in India. People don’t know that the foremost doctrine that governs the life of Muslims of the sub-continent is not the foundational text of the Shariat or the Qur’an but that of the Fatawa Alamgiri, which was documented by 2 Naqshbandi scholars – Sheikh Nizam Burhanpuri, and Shah Abdul Rahim, during the reign of Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb.

What is Fatawa Alamgiri?

Fatawa Alamgiri is a sharia-based doctrine on general ethics, economic policy, statecraft, military strategy, justice, and punishment, that acts as the law and principle regulating body of the Mughal Empire, during the reign of the Mughal emperor Aurangzeb Alamgir. Fatawa Alamgir is known as the greatest digest of Muslim law compiled in India. It is regarded to be one of the most well-organized works in the field of Islamic practices and their jurisprudence.

Fatawa Alamgiri complies with massive Indian Muslim practices and commandments on them. It was used as the Mohammedan Law even during British rule, and shockingly it still has the same standing among the Indian Muslims even today. Fatawa Alamgiri is a part of compulsory education in madrasa teaching and Muslims are brainwashed with the highly explosive teachings of this text.

Why Fatawa Alamgiri is important for Muslims?

This doctrine text is extremely important for Indian Muslims as they follow it religiously, it is notable for them for several reasons.

  1. It is a massive document that spanned 30 volumes.
  2. It provides a significant direct contribution to the economy of India and other Muslim nations of South Asia.
  3. It served as the de facto basis of judicial law throughout the Mughal Empire.
  4. It has developed an Islamic legal system that treated people differently based on their religion.
  5. It has become the reference legal document to enforce Sharia in colonial south Asia from the 18th century through the early 20th century.
  6. This text is responsible for creating a school of orthodox Islamic law specialists in India, particularly after the death of Aurangzeb.
  7. Every Madarsa is using Fatawa Alamgiri to impart its knowledge to Muslim children.

Islamic Criminal and Personal laws – As mentioned in the Fatawa Alamgiri

You will be shocked or surprised to know that most of the absurd and dated Islamic laws practiced by Muslims of India are indeed based on this doctrine, and that is the reason why the Islamic practices of the Indian Subcontinent are different from the Arabian countries, from where the Islam was originated.

Here are few Islamic criminal and personal laws mentioned in Fatawa Alamgiri

  1. Property inheritance rights
  2. Islamic personal law on accepting the gifts
  3. Islamic marriage law for Boys and Girls.
  4. Paternity laws for Muslim and non-Muslim children.
  5. A Muslim man can marry with four wives and must treat all of them justly.
  6. Hudud punishments for the religious crime of zina.
  7. Punishment of flogging or stoning to death.
  8. Punishment of stripes, where free person will get one hundred stripes and a slave will get fifty.

Well, it is quite clear that Muslims of the Indian subcontinent are following this doctrine and that is the reason behind their aggressive and radical mindset. It is quite surprising, that this doctrine is available only in Urdu and is not available in any Indian language, which hinders any efforts to read and understand it completely. Even a few people tried to translate it into English, but it is available only for a couple of volumes.

Jaipur Dialogue to translate it in other languages

The Jaipur Dialogues has taken up this difficult task of translating the Mughal era book Fatawa Alamgiri. The Jaipur Dialogue has tweeted, “The foremost doctrine ‘Fatawa Alamgiri’ that governs the lives of Muslims in India, is only available in Urdu. We’ve taken up the project for its translation and have already completed 64% of its funding. Be the change. Contribute for your civilization.”

As we have mentioned above, it is a massive document and it may require many years of labor to translate it into other languages. Jaipur Dialogue has set up a team to do a Hindi translation. The expenses would go to the tune of nearly 50 lakhs over the course of 2-3 years. This donation page seeks funds to start and sustain this purva paksha activity. This donation page is to request all our patrons to contribute to this effort.

Donation Page Link


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