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Reply to Dr. Zakir Naik by Maria Wirth


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The findings in this article is entirely based upon the articulation of Maria Wirth. Every piece of information is take from Maria Wirth’s article where she dismantled Zakir Naik’s narratives. Maria Wirth being a German writer coherently penned the arguments and crashed every slanderous statement that was once made by Zakir Naik. From theological spectrum to scientific implication, the revered writer astoundingly pointed out the belief of Zakir Naik and How regressive his approach is towards Hindus. Maria Wirth exposed the so-called narratives of Zakir Naik (Naik despises idol worship and denigrate the utmost belief of Hindus).

Maria in this article mentioned the verses that displays the ill-intention of Zakir Naik. This article can be observed as a reply by an intellectual to all the bizarre claims of a religion expert.

Despite the fact that Christianity and Islam severely denigrate Hinduism, Hindus generally do not criticise other religions. Zakir Naik is only one illustration.

Are Hindus aware of the sermons delivered at India’s numerous churches and mosques? I’m positive that Christian missionaries refer to Hindu gods as devils. Despite having a strong conceptual foundation for their beliefs, which is lacking in Christianity and Islam, Hindus do not defend their gods or question the Abrahamic dogmas.

Zakir Naik had mocked Ganapati a number of years prior and issued a challenge to establish Ganapati’s deity. He must be referring to Allah, the name Muslims use for God.

What do we currently know about Allah?

The faithful and disbelievers are sternly reminded of Allah’s greatness and mercy five times each day. Although he is not a person, he is aware of everything that humans do. It is said that Allah has spoken to Prophet Mohammed his last words. The Quran contains those words. Allah said that the only authentic religion is Islam. Therefore, all people must adhere to Islam because all other routes are erroneous. They also need to move quickly because everyone has only one life to live.

The faithful and disbelievers are sternly reminded of Allah’s greatness and mercy five times each day. Although he is not a person, he is aware of everything that humans do. It is said that Allah has spoken to Prophet Mohammed his last words. The Quran contains those words. Allah said that the only authentic religion is Islam. Therefore, all people must adhere to Islam because all other routes are erroneous. They also need to move quickly because everyone has only one life to live.

“Boiling water will be poured over their heads that not only melts their skin but also the interior portions of their bodies” awaits anyone who reject Islam throughout their lifetime in the unending fires of hell.  (Q22.19-22)

The mercy of Allah obviously ends here. He does not tolerate disagreement. Al-Fatah, the first Sura of the Quran, which begins kindly, concludes with the phrase: “Oh Allah, lead us in the Straight Path. The Path of those You have blessed, not of those who have provoked Your anger.

This indicates that Allah is only forgiving toward those who call themselves Muslims—his followers—and that he is angry with non-Muslims.

Zakir Naik, M.D. Because Christianity has a similar notion, I am sure I understood what the Islamic concept of “God” meant. And I’ll even assert that it’s untrue. Can you demonstrate that Allah/God is truly that unjust and divisive (and this test also applies to Christian clerics)? Can you provide evidence that after Judgment Day, there will be this enormous cauldron of fire where billions of people will burn for all time? Do these prophecies of “everlasting hellfire for unbelievers” not serve to discipline the flock? divide and conquer

There are around 2 billion Christians, and they are told that in order to enter heaven, they must remain Christians. There are also an additional 2 billion Muslims who are informed they must continue to practice their religion in order to enter paradise. Both religions had the opportunity to determine which is true, but they chose not to. Why? mostly because they can’t back it up. They are limited to fighting among themselves, between Muslims and Christians, and with heathens or non-believers by making claims and counterclaims. Since 2000 years ago, they have been doing this.

Can anyone honestly argue that Christianity or Islam are good for humanity in these circumstances? Is it not time to conduct a comprehensive investigation to determine the TRUTH?

You can be proud of your forefathers, the Indian Rishis, Dr. Zakir Naik, for their significant contributions to the absolute Truth. Prior to the advent of Christianity and Islam, the Rishis had a fully developed concept of Brahman, which is translated as “Truth,” “Supreme Being,” or “God” in English. The essence of Brahman is Sat-Chit-Ananda, the aware, one essence in all names and forms, just as the one ocean is the source of all the waves. It is not personal, not a superhuman being existing in heaven, neither male nor female, nor is it envious of other deities.

The Rishis came to understand that this world is a false interpretation of Brahman. They gave it the name Maya, which is only loosely accurate.

Anything must be constantly true in the past, present, and future, as well as being self-evident, in order to qualify as ultimate Truth.

The Rishis came to the conclusion that only pure (= thoughtless) consciousness meets these requirements. This consciousness permeates everything and is present right now. However, we overlook it because we concentrate only on things, thoughts, feelings, etc. — much as when we use a torchlight in a room and ignore the empty space because we only focus on the furniture. In fact, Sat-Chit-Ananda, the deepest truth that lies underneath names and forms, is best represented by infinite space, which is pulsating with life and love (nama-rupa).

In the interim, science has identified the Sat-aspect of reality. There is unity. Scientists would need to conduct additional research within their own awareness as opposed to searching outside of it in order to learn that this Oneness is likewise conscious (Chit) and joyous (Ananda). Let’s see if the scientists agree with the Rishis’ assertion that this entire creation is alive and brimming with happiness.

But in one respect, Dr. Zakir Naik, you are correct: There is only one Truth, one God, whom the wise call by various names. But you misunderstood its nature. It does not condemn non-Christians or non-Muslims to an endless torment in hell. Indeed, the Supreme Being is great and kind.

However, you were curious as to whether Ganapati was a god.

May I share a tradition from your ancestors with you that, when I first learned about it, struck me as being really profound?

The goal of Sanatana Dharma is to realise Sat-Chit-Ananda rather than just know it academically. Brahman must be in us as well because it permeates everything (Ayam Atma Brahman). We can touch on it to feel it. But in order to do this, we must adhere to certain guidelines. We must defile ourselves, live virtuous lives, speak the truth, and such such things. This purification is not facilitated by eating a lot of meat and engaging in plenty of sexual activity. However, Bhakti, or love of God, is one component that is particularly helpful.

Ishwara is introduced here by Hindu Dharma.

The idea of Ishwara is similar to the Abrahamic idea of a personal God, but Ishwara is a more loving God. Of course, there isn’t an endless inferno for atheists. Everyone is given opportunities one after another in successive lives until they realise they are not independent waves but rather are a part of the ocean.

Ishwara is a God with qualities and infinite facets, just as the world and human nature both have infinite facets. These characteristics are personified in several deities, and the devotee can select the one he values most. Love for the invisible Truth can be cultivated, for instance through Ganapati.

Christianity and Islam incorrectly demonise those Devas a great deal. They are not distinct things, but rather a kind of entryway to the singular Brahman, which is otherwise unfathomable. It is possible to love them, feel a connection to them, and communicate with them. Furthermore, it is clear from the texts that devas are ultimately Brahman.

Dr. Naik, this is where you might find the answer to your inquiry about whether Ganapati is ultimately the Supreme Being.

Tvameva kevalam karta si, tvameva kevalam dharta si, tvameva kevalam harta si, says the Ganapati Atharvashirsa Upanishad, a section of the Atharva Veda.

Tvam saksadatma si nityam, tvameva sarvam khalvidam brahmasi.

It means that only you are the creator, alone you are the sustainer, and only you are the destroyer. You are that Brahman, and everything of this is Brahman. You truly are the Atman forever.

However, Ganapati is not the first person to make this assertion. It is said of other gods as well.

However, the mere fact that anything is stated in a sacred source does not suffice as proof. There are many religious scriptures in existence, and if everything contained therein were to be taken at face value, we would arrive at all manner of stated truths that were untrue. We must examine what is asserted as true using the standards of logic, common sense, and experience. It is not worth believing in, and it is surely not worth dying for, if it contradicts all of these.

The fact that only Brahman truly exists serves as evidence that all deities are Brahman. The ocean like Brahman. It is not separate from the waves. It is irrelevant under what name one worships the Divine. The degree of dedication one feels is what counts. Miracles can occur more frequently the more commitment there is. Numerous millions of Hindus around the world love Ganapati. He is the entrance they strive to use to enter Sat-Chit-Ananda.

The Sanatana Dharma has a long history. And yet, the Rishis possessed such profound insights. For instance, they understood that the world has a false picture of reality, much as people may mistake a rope for a snake at dusk. Westerners who once made fun of Hindus for thinking the world is an illusion now keep quiet because science agrees with the Hindu viewpoint.

In the meantime, researchers from NASA have found DNA building pieces in meteorites. The first image of the entire universe was released by the Max Planck Institute in Germany.

It was round in shape. Could it be feasible that individuals who make fun of Hindus for worshipping a Shiva lingam may soon change their minds about it too in order to avoid looking foolish?

The ancient civilization of India has seen many great persons come and depart. Some people have become gods. Nothing is wrong with it. All contain the Divine.

The fact that science continues to support the discoveries of the Rishis, such as the universe’s incredible age or the ultimate Oneness of all, should cause you to pause, Dr. Naik.

Role Of Britishers in santizing HINDUISM

Because the British weaned Indians away from their heritage and most people are unaware of it, attempts to denigrate Indian tradition by you and others have been successful. The wisdom of your forefathers, however, outweighs the worldview and mentality of Abrahamic religions, as you will see if you are honest. Humanity is suffering greatly as a result of the mindset that “We alone are right and you go to hell if you don’t follow our faith.” Do you want to live in a future where everyone is required to wear a straight jacket? It might be advantageous for global dominance.

Dr. Naik, if I were you, I would be most concerned with one scenario: what if you wake up after death and there isn’t a paradise waiting for you? What if every Jihadi you encouraged cursed you when they discovered there was no paradise for them? What if you reincarnate and reap the consequences of your previous deeds, in which you knowingly or unconsciously twisted the truth? Not just in Indian writings is rebirth discussed. Additionally, there is a tonne of evidence in support of it; the Virginia University archive contains records on over 3000 cases.

Doctor Naik, I’m not sure how strongly you adhere to what you preach. I have firsthand knowledge of the power of brainwashing during childhood. But I also know that there is a way out, and it tends to get simpler the older one gets.

Coming out of the Christian religious straight jacket was a huge relief for me, and I would strongly advise you to do the same. Your view of God is not accurate. As evidence, you cite a book. Truth cannot be contained in a book. Truth is THAT WHICH IS REALLY.

The Indian Rishis, who were your forefathers, spoke from personal experience rather than through books.


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