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From Moplah Massacre to Ankita’s Murder – The civilizational war between Bharat and Islamic Khilafat continues…


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India has been angry since the news of the death of a Hindu girl broke out a few days back. Ankita, a Hindu girl, who hailed from the Dumka district of the eastern state of Jharkhand, had been set on fire by a Muslim stalker whose marriage proposal she rejected. The Muslim stalker Shahrukh was living in the same locality as the victim.

Similarly, a tailor Kanhaiya Lal was killed in Udaipur Rajasthan because he allegedly supported the statement of BJP leader Nupur Sharma. Umesh Kolhe, a medical store owner, was hacked to death in Maharashtra’s Amravati city for supporting Nupur Sharma on social media.

A few months back, a girl named Nikita Tomar was shot dead in Faridabad, Haryana, by Tausif Ahmed and his friend Rehman because she refused to marry him. Tausif was also forcing her to convert to Islam.

Such stories reached the media outlets, created a national uproar for a while, and after a while, everybody forgot the incident and moved on with their respective lives. But aren’t we hearing about such incidents for many decades or centuries?

Here an important question arises, “Why Muslim youth, in particular men, are becoming so aggressive, intolerant, violent, and angry?

Well, there is another question here, are we witnessing a new phenomenon, or it is something we are witnessing for many centuries?

There is one common thing in all these incidents, after taking innocent lives, the Islamic killers had a smile on their faces with a sense of pride, as if they have done something pious. This observation can not be taken lightly, as it shows the evil mindset that has taken countless lives in the past and may take enormous lives in the future too.

These Islamic killers are roaming around us and can kill or attack at the drop of a hat. Anything and everything can provoke them, whether it’s an alleged blasphemous statement, a rejection of their marriage proposal, a difference of opinion, or even a small altercation with anyone.

If we go deeper into the roots of this problem and analyze the pattern of this aggression, intolerance, extremism, and violence, then we found that this is associated with religious identity. Muslims are still facing the identity crisis, and they feel that their ancestors were those who came from outside and ruled over Indians for many centuries. This mindset gives them a fake sense of self-pride and arrogance, which led to such incidents for many decades.

This identity syndrome led them to support the Khilafat Movement (1919-1924). This movement created a ferment among Indian Muslims consequent to the threatened dismemberment of the Turkish Ottoman Empire and the abolition of the Turkish Caliphate at the end of World War I. The Khilafat Movement primarily sought the restoration of the Khalifa, which is a temporal head of global Muslims.

The same pattern was observed during the partition of India, Direct Action Day, and the Moplah massacre as well. Muslims got together and put a combined face to attack the Hindus and Sikhs (Kafirs). They put up a fight, and believe us this was a part of long going civilizational war they are fighting in the sub-continent for almost a Millenium. India has been their long cherished yet unfinished dream, their dream of Gazhwa-Ae-Hind.

The discourse on the Khilafat Movement was peddled on the following lines: “It was a Movement launched by an aggrieved community against their colonial masters, taking along their non-Muslim brothers under the leadership of Mahatma Gandhi.” Now replace the words ‘colonial masters’ with ‘Hindu majoritarianism’ and ‘non-Muslim brothers’ with ‘those downtrodden by an oppressive Hindu hierarchical system’ and you have a heady concoction for the present-day discourse of Islamic movement in India.


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