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Ravish Kumar and Journalism of Hate

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Look at this audacity of Sonia’s pet poodle cum Darbari Journalist. He calls others “Godi media” sitting deep inside Sonia’s lap. He says India vaccinated 17 Crore people in a single day in 2012 as part of Pulse Polio. He also claims, after months of tomtoming, the current administration could not even reach 1 Crore per day.

This is the epitome of irresponsible journalism, paid journalism, partisan journalism, hate journalism and Darbari journalism. Let’s put a few “real hard facts” in place.

* Polio vaccination is literally “Do Boond Jeevan Ke”. Just two drops in the mouth of kids below 5 years of age.

* It was organized thanks to WHO and NGOs during NORMAL times.

* Any trained person could pour two drops and vaccination took hardly 5 seconds per kid.

* It was organized on Sundays to make sure most kids could be vaccinated.

* Pulse Polio was just 2 Sundays earmarked well in advance.

* It didn’t involve working class on a working day on a regular basis for months to come.

* Pulse Polio didn’t involve creating setup for emergency management in case of allergy.

* There was no need for vaccinated people to wait for half an hour. Hence infrastructure arrangements was absolutely minimal.

* COVID19 vaccine is an injection. It is not just two drops in the mouth. An injection takes at least 5 minutes to administer compared to 5 seconds required for Polio drops.

* Adding the waiting period of just 10 minutes, it is practically at least 180 times more time and effort consuming process. Thus, if India vaccinated 85 Lakh people on 21 June, the effort involved is equal to vaccinating 153 Crore people with Polio drops. YES, 153 CRORE and that is a conservative number.

* Most importantly, we’re doing this in extraordinary times after having lost a significant number of medical and paramedical personnel to the pandemic. That is being done when the entire Medical infrastructure is involved in treating the COVID19 patients to rein in the second wave. That is the most staggering part of the whole story.

When so called Journalists blinded by hate for Modi let loose their vitriol without bothering to do even basic comparison between a newly developed injectable vaccine and age old Polio drops, just to show such a sensational effort in bad light, we have to understand the rot. Even funnier fact is, same people are “boasting” about China’s numbers, ranging from 1.5 Crore to 2.2 Crore per day.

Truth is India almost doubled our hitherto best single day vaccination number on 21 June. In terms of time, efforts, infrastructure arrangements and logistics involved, it is equal to over 150 Crore Polio drops in a day. And we have to repeat similar numbers day after day for months to cover our entire population. When we reach 100 Crore, that would amount to 360,00,00,00,000 or 3600 Crore Pulse Polio vaccinations done.

In short, replicating the best efforts of Ravish Kumar’s Congress Party would mean India will need a minimum of 5 years and 9 months to vaccinate 100 Crore people. Modi has started the mission to do that by the end of 2021. If Vaccine manufacturers comply and united opposition don’t create hundreds of hurdles on the way, we might achieve the target in time. Even if there is slacking, it wouldn’t be unreasonable to expect India to achieve the numbers before the Independence day 2022. That will be four years quicker than the best Congress could do.

Let that sink in !

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