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Rape accused Bishop Franco Mulakkal get support from International Christian media, ‘English Christian Times


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A nun is said to be the bride of Jesus. And a Bishop (much higher rank than a priest) is said to be the custodian of Christianity. What can be more immoral, corrupt and degenerate than a Bishop allegedly raping  a nun? When law of the land is invoked to catch the rape accused, the Bishop, the Bishop turns to International Christian media, ‘English Christian Times channel’ to raise suspicion over the integrity of Indian judiciary. If audacity and impudence has a name, it is the rape accused, Bishop Franco Mulakkal, who used his power and influence to unabashedly suppress the rape charge against him at every stage. The latest method to influence the charges against him is to play victim card before International Christian media, instead of cooperating with investigating agency. 

When a 45 years old, senior nun alleged that she was raped by Bishop Franco Mulakkal, the head of the Latin diocese of Jalandhar, it created furore. The nun, who belongs to the Kuravilangad Convent of the Missionaries of Jesus, had filed the complaint against Bishop Franco at the Kurivilangad police station on June 27, 2018, alleging that he had sexually exploited her 14 times, during his official visits to Kerala between 2014 and 2016. Since then, the survivor nun is going through nothing but trials and tribulations as well as mental torture for standing her ground firm. 

Plot to kill survivor nun, her sister and her sister’s son 

In September 2018, Mathrubhumi reported police had registered a case against a certain Thomas, for plotting to kill the survivor nun, who filed a sexual abuse complaint against Bishop Franco Mulakkal. Thomas is brother of Jalandhar diocese priest Fr. Lawrence Chittuparambil, who is a close associate of Franco Mulakkal. The nun filed the complaint with Kuravilangad police after a worker in the convent revealed that he was ordered to observe the nun, to cut the brake of her vehicle and to flatten its tyres at right time. Another case was also registered against Thomas after survivor’s sister lodged a complaint with Kalady police that Thomas had threatened to kill her and her son.

Nuns who gave statement against the Bishop Franco Mulakkal were transferred en mass 

What is termed as revenge transfer by sister Anupama, four nuns including Sister Anupama, who dared to lead the protest against Franco, have been transferred to different parts of the country. Save Our Sisters (SOS) forum, the association which was formed demanding action against Bishop Franco Mullakal, protested against the transfer of the four nuns, Mathrubhumi reported in Feb 2019. 

Photo credit TOI

YouTube channel called Christian Times maligned survivor nun. 

On October 19, the survivor nun wrote to to the State Women’s Commission that a YouTube channel called “Christian Times” had been constantly maligning her and her fellow sisters, who supported her in the case at the behest of Franco, quoted the News Minute. 

The survivor nun also wrote that she filed a complaint against the channel at the Kuravilangad Police Station in Kottayam, but the complain didn’t deter the channel from posting more videos, which had photos of survivor nun and her fellow sister. What is appalling that most of the videos on the ‘Christian Times channel’ are titled ‘Bishop Franco Mulakkal Nun Fraud Case,’ openly supporting Bishop Franco, and calling the accusation against him ‘fabricated’.

Now, International Christian media questioning Indian judiciary to support Bishop Franco Mulakkal

Following the footsteps of YouTube channel called “Christian Times” Internationals Christian Media, “English Christian Times” is spewing venom against Indian judiciary. In a video clip of 1 minute 47 seconds under the title of ‘Injustice Done to Bishop Franco’ the news reader mentioned a Press Note, which was issued by Father Peter, Public Relations Officer (PRO) of Bishop Franco Mulakkal to the media house.

The English Christian Times allegedly committing contempt of court in India, spread lies of health condition of the rape accused Bishop Franco Mulakkal and raises the question of integrity of Judge G Gopakumar of the Kottayam Trial Court.

Question arises why the survivor nun getting hardly any support, but rape accused Bishop Franco Mulakkal is able to threaten to the victim at every stages in all his might? 


Plot to kill nun: Police register case | Nun abuse case plot to kill nun – https://english.mathrubhumi.com/news/kerala/plot-to-kill-nun-police-register-case-kerala-1.3169110



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