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VHP Spokesperson Shriraj Nair Slams Zakir Naik for him Anti-Hindu Temple Remark


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Shri Krishna Mandir got the nod for construction from the Islamabad Capital Development Authority, which approved the transfer of land to the Hindu Panchayat of Islamabad recently. Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan announced a grant of Rs 10 crore for the first phase of construction.

On 24 June, Pakistan’s Parliamentary Secretary on Human Rights Lal Chand Malhi performed the ceremony for construction of the first Hindu temple in Islamabad. However, as soon as the construction of the boundary walls commenced, it was vandalized by Islamists and petitions were filed against the temple by a group of religious clerics.

Self Proclaimed Islamic Scholar Zakir Naik, explained it in a video how it is Haram to donate, support a construction of Hindu Temple. Here is the video:

Vishwa Hindu Parishad Spokesperson Shriraj Nair, pointed out the video by Zakir Naik as venomous.

When a Hindu Temple is not allowed to be built in Pakistan, imagine the plight of Minority Hindus living in Pakistan. Which is why the Citizenship Amendment Act is important, so that Hindus living in minority have India as their home, come to India in case of religious prosecution.

Jamia Ashrafia, a leading religious educational institution in Lahore, released a statement calling the construction un-Islamic and issuing a fatwa (religious decree) against it.

Earlier this month, Kanwal Parvez of the Pakistan Muslim League – PML(N) moved a resolution in the Punjab Assembly demanding that the government reverse its decision to devote for the temple funds out of taxes collected from hardworking citizens. The resolution called this a violation of the Quran and Sunnat. While it did not use the word ‘Muslims’, it mirrored the sentiment expressed by numerous religious scholars, viz. Muslims could never acquiesce to their taxes being used for such a purpose.

After the temple walls have been vandalized before even it was constructed, few trespassers who no one is bothered to stop, desecrate the construction site, vandalise the temple’s foundation, chant slogans and shoot videos of themselves offering namaz with great pride.


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