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Rana Ayyub’s COVID SCAM- Collecting money illegally, in the name of Poors and Patients


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India is facing the biggest challenge in history and everyone is trying their best to put a brave fight against the menace of the COVID virus. However, we have few evil souls, who are capitalizing on this situation for their monetary benefits, they are looting the innocents and amassing huge money for their own benefit.

One among such evil soul is Washington Post Journalist Rana Ayyub, who is already known for her religious malice and anti-Indian stand.

Rana Ayyub sensed the opportunity and started a fundraising campaign, where she has already raised approximately Rs.90 Lakh against the goal of INR 1.25Crores through Ketto in the name of helping COVID-affected poor migrants and slum dwellers in Mumbai.

Picture Credit – Ketto

When we checked, we found that no registered NGO is associated with this campaign, instead, it is Rana Ayyub’s personal account that is added as a beneficiary.

Here another important fact is that the donation receipt also says FUND TYPE=PERSONAL. We must be aware that such donation is NOT eligible for tax exemption(80G).

Picture Credit – Ketto

We know, it’s a crisis situation, and donation is certainly a noble cause but how come NO accountability or records of such huge fundraising, that too in a personal account?

Rana could have associated with a legit NGO or would have got registered one for herself, but she chooses to collectmoney in her personal account, and the irony is that this shameless person often questions transparency at PM level fund.

Picture Credit – Business Standard
Picture Credit – Business Standard

Also, as per FCRA, a journalist can’t collect foreign funding in India, then how is she is collecting the money? WE don’t know the source of this donation and don’t know the ultimate usage of this money.

We demand Indian Government to take an immediate action against Rana Ayyub. She may be collecting money for herself, or may be channeling this money via hawala to some anti Indian elements.


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